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Finally Your Skin Can Breath Free
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Makeup and synthetic cosmetics can block the pores in your skin
Makeup and synthetic cosmetics stress the skin
Natural deep cleansing of the skin with the Relax Mineral Mask from fangocur
The Relax Mineral Mask offers natural deep cleansing
Deep cleansing for tired looking skin
The Revitalizing Mineral Mask works deep down to rejuvenate the skin
Use the Anti-Aging Mask for wrinkles and other signs of premature aging
The Anti-Aging Mask is the luxurious way to address wrinkles and premature aging of the skin
Unique deep cleaning with the Mineral Masks from fangocur
Deep cleansing is the lasting was to relieve stress on the skin caused by dirt and harmful substances
The skin is always working to move harmful substances out of the body. Through not eating properly as well as the ever worsening quality of the air we breath, the skin can be pushed to its limits. The most intensively challenged skin on the body is that of the complexion. This results in a number of skin problems, among them tired looking skin that seems to lack vitality, stressed skin, blocked pores as well as pimples and inflammation.

Help your skin through regular deep cleansing!

The complexion is most impacted by environmental influences like sunshine, wind, heat, cold and dirt in all its forms. In addition, women often add additional strain on the skin through the application of makeup and cosmetics. Men all too often do not pay enough attention to the condition of their complexion. It can be so simple to free the skin of toxins and improve the skin's metabolism; the key is deep cleansing.

Our Mineral Masks also benefit the deeper layers of the skin.

Cleaning the skin forms the basis of good skin care – it is essential in bringing out the healthy glow in your skin. The problem is that when one only cleans the surface of the skin, particles of dirt and harmful substances can remain. It is important to also cleanse the skin deep down; if not, it is likely the the pores will remain blocked.

The fangocur Mineral Masks do just this: they clean the skin, even below the surface. Using the Mineral Masks promotes increased circulation in the skin, encouraging toxins to be transported away via the circulatory system. Also, harmful substances present in the skin are drawn out by the Mineral Mask – the effect is like that of a sponge – as they are moved to the surface of the skin. The masks then take up the toxins and dirt particles. After washing off the mask, you are left with beautiful skin. You can see the benefits of skin that can again "breath" free.

Regular use promotes a lasting glowing appearance.

The Mineral Masks from fangocur help to deliver a uniquely glowing appearance. You only need to use a fangocur mask once per week. Even after the very first use, you'll find that your skin is more smooth and soft…a return to the healthy complexion you remember.

Please keep in mind that the skin can appear a bit more red after use as there is an increase in circulation in the skin. This goes away in about 15 minutes. It's best to use a fangocur mask just before you go to bed in the evening, and afterwards avoid applying any kind of skin cream or lotion. This allows the skin to continue shedding toxins as you sleep. In the morning, you'll find that your skin only needs a surface cleaning; you can then apply creams and/or makeup as normal. Of course we do recommend that you use natural products.

Now is the time to try one of the unique fangocur Mineral Masks:

Relax Mineral Mask
For oily skin, overactive or stressed skin

Revitalizing Mineral Mask
For dry or combination skin, normal skin and skin that lacks that healthy glow

Anti-Aging Mask
To address wrinkles and other signs of premature aging

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