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Healthier Blood Levels, Naturally
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Blood can tell you a lot about the condition of your health
Cleansing the intestinal tract and normalising function with Bentomed MICRO
Bentomed MICRO helps to clean your lower digestive system and keep it working well
Bentovital helps to keep your lower digestive system healthy for the long-term
Use Bentovital as a preventative to ensure balance in your intestinal tract

Now it the time to improve your diet
A look at someone's blood values gives a lot of information about their health condition. There are a number of causes of less than of less than optimal test results such as high lipid levels (triglycerides, cholesterol) or high uric acid levels. Today we're providing you with tips on keeping your blood levels at healthier levels.

A healthy lower digestive system helps to keep your blood lipid levels in balance.

Only a healthy lower digestive system that is working well can optimally make use of the foods passed on from the stomach. If we choose to eat in unhealthy ways, then we can overwhelm the intestines. This means that they may not be up to the tasks of transporting nutrients into the bloodstream or moving harmful and undigestible substances out of the body. For this reason, its important to regularly remove collected toxins and other harmful substances from the intestinal tract. This may not happen sufficiently due to factors like insufficient fibre in the diet, leading to sluggish functioning or inactivity. Taking in supplemental fibre in order to keep the intestines in good working order can be a necessity.

Bentomed MICRO cleanses the intestinal tract and promotes good digestive function.

Bentomed MICRO is made with our unique natural fango healing clay along with barley grass and special herbal essences. It helps the body to eliminate excess acid in the digestive tract, for example uric acid. In addition, toxins and other harmful substances that have entered the body via the foods we eat are picked up in the intestinal tract and encouraged to pass out of the body. Bentomed MICRO also contains a wealth of dietary fibre in the form of tiny healing clay particles which encourage proper intestinal function, helping to restore balance.

Bentovital is intended for long-term use. It's helpful in preventing future problems.

Bentomed MICRO is to be used consistently over a 3 week timeframe in the mornings and evenings. This results in a more cleanly functioning lower digestive system, meaning that the intestinal tract should be able to more optimally do its job. Once you've finished with Bentomed MICRO, we recommend using Bentovital daily. This supports lasting good digestive function, and helps to prevent problems from occurring. You can then repeat the 3 week treatment with Bentomed MICRO every 3 to 4 months.
Do something now to normalise blood lipid and uric acid levels.

Both of our natural healing remedies aid in keeping your intestinal tract healthy, encouraging your body to metabolise fat properly both now and in the future. Whether the problem is triglycerides, cholesterol or uric acid, a well working lower digestive system helps your body in maintaining optimal levels. The vitamins, mineral and trace elements contained in our remedies strengthen immune function and thus assist the body in keeping its metabolic systems in top functional form.
How Bentomed MICRO and Bentovital work to promote good healt:

  • Freeing the intestinal tract of toxins and other harmful substances
  • Encouraging digestive activity in the intestines
  • Normalising lipid metabolism
  • Providing valuable natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements

We also recommend having a good look at your diet, and slowly take steps to eat more foods that promote good health. How to go about that? Read on for an easy to apply tip from fangocur.

A proper diet is among the most important factors in keeping your blood healthy.

You've read about this, and people have offered recommendation. The problem is implementing the changes! You likely have a good idea about what eating a proper diet means, but making those changes does not seem easy. Here's a simple tip to get you started: set one simple goal, for example not eating sweets just one day per week. It should be not so difficult to achieve – nothing a little willpower cannot overcome. Once you've conquered this simple goal, then you might increase the number of days without sweets, or you might choose another food to avoid one day a week like red meat. There's no limit here on how you might apply this to your life. The principle is a simple one, in that you set small goals that are easy for you accomplish and these add up over time. In a year or so, you'll have made big positive changes to your diet. No need to worry about missing out – there's always room for things you enjoy. Just plan a free day every so often and eat what you like…without feeling bad about it.
Now is the time to detox your lower digestive tract and normalise your fat metabolism:

Bentomed MICRO
a teaspoon in the morning and evening for three weeks

after 3 weeks of Bentomed MICRO, a teaspoon every day 

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