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Age Well: Simple Steps You Can Take
(09.05.2016) back
Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age, but no one want to be old. Life expectancy is on the increase, and that means that people are spending more time in the phase of life in which health problems are more likely. The challenge for us all is remaining mentally positive and physically healthy as we get older. Today we'll cover just how you can make this a reality.

Maintain good health through proper diet along with regular physical and mental activity.

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet gives the body what it needs to stay healthy. Just what is a healthy and balanced diet? One should look to consume the most natural foods possible, i.e. foods that are rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Regular physical activity that's moderately strenuous forms another important pillar of good health, specifically some endurance training (also known as "cardio") along with some training focusing on muscle strength.

Finally, one should take steps to ensure that one remains mentally active. Socialising, reading and other activities that demand mental engagement help you to stay at the top of your mental game.

Remaining active and healthy over the years is
possible for almost everyone!

Research has additionally shown that poor physical health in terms of mobility is on the rise: sore muscles, joint pain and back problems. There are a number of causes for this, so one should really do everything possible to remain physically functional and mobile for as long as possible. The simplest possibility is being sure to take in the nutrients that are necessary to maintain healthy cartilage, joints, tendons and spinal discs.

ArthroDisc is a supplement that provides your joints and discs with quality, natural nutrients.

ArthroDisc was developed by leading orthopaedic specialist Dr. Eduard Lanz. It is a medically approved dietary supplement that provides the cartilage in the joints with all the important nutrients needed for regeneration. The metabolism of the cartilage is stimulated, meaning that the body's own repair mechanisms go to work to build cartilage. In addition the elasticity, lubrication and  characteristics of the cartilage are improved.

The 2 phase ArthroDisc joint capsules: red for the joints, and green for the discs

Prevention is the best medicine – use 100% natural ArthroDisc capsules twice per year.

Of course ArthroDisc can also be used for acute complaints, for example for existing joint pain or disc problems. Nonetheless, we recommend proactive regular use of ArthroDisc to to ensure that you're taking in the nutrients needed for health joints in order to prevent problems from occurring, that is even at times when you are free of physical complaints. Twice per year, take ArthroDisc for two months in order to be better able to maintain mobility as you age – every day a red capsule and a green capsule at the mealtime of your choice.

Stay healthy as you age by following these recommendations:

Make sure that you get regular, moderate physical activity that involves your whole body.
Enjoy a healthy and varied diet, including a lot of natural foods.
Provide your joints and discs with a truly unique combination of nutrients – use ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules as a preventative.

Now is the time to order ArthroDisc for your twice yearly, two month preventative treatment:
Order an ArthroDisc Double Pack (240 caps)
enough for the whole year when used as outlined above

Order ArthroDisc (120 caps)
enough for six months when used outlined above

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