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Help for pimples, spots and problem skin
(04.05.2015) back
If you tend to suffer with oily or glossy skin along with pimples, your skin needs to be cared for in a very special way. To be sure, this can be quite a challenge. Inadequate or improper skin care can lead to recurring skin irritation. Today we'll be explaining how to restore your skin's balance and keep it healthy for the long term.

Skin problems are on the increase, and can occur at any age.

Problem skin and pimples are not just for teenagers. Skin problems can arise due to hormonal changes, stress or irritation caused by using the wrong cosmetics or skin care products. To restore the skin's natural balance,  first a treatment and skin care plan is needed, and second one has to find the proper skin care products – here natural is certainly best.

The solution: the Mineral Mask from fangocur

The Mineral Mask from fangocur is the first natural product to be recognised for its medicinal properties, not only deeply cleansing the skin but at the same time fighting inflammation and eliminating bacteria. No other product can claim such comprehensive effectiveness, working both on the surface as well as beneath the surface of the skin.

Deep skin cleansing starts with increasing the circulation in the skin. This encourages cleaning of the skin from within. The Mineral Mask also works like a sponge, taking up not only sebum (oil from the skin) but also harmful substances and toxins from deeper layers beneath the surface of the skin. Of course, oil at the surface of the skin is also removed thoroughly. In addition, inflammation and the development of problem skin are inhibited and harmful bacteria are eliminated.

How is the Mineral Mask applied, and what can I expect?

The Mineral Mask from fangocur is to be used once or twice per week. Apply a thin layer of the mask to the skin and allow it to work for about 20 minutes. Depending on your needs, i.e. treating just a few problem spots or your entire complexion, you can simply apply the mask where needed or your entire face. After allowing the Mineral Mask to work, it should be rinsed off with lukewarm water. You'll see the effects straight away: clean skin down to the pores, and a beautiful glow. When used regularly, the skin stays in balance so problem skin, oily skin, pimples, spots and inflammation become history.

Order our Mineral Mask now and be rid of pimples and problem skin:

Mineral Mask

We also recommend using the following 100% natural products:

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Mineral Cream N°4
After using the Mineral Mask, this natural cream can be applied to moisturise the skin without causing irritation.

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