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Naturally Strengthen your Immune System
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Elderberry has been recognised for centuries for its positive health effects
Elderberry is among the plants with the highest concentration of polyphenols on the planet
Elderberries offer a genuine cornucopia of natural polyphenols
Darker elderberries contain a higher concentration of polyphenols
Dr Sepp Porta is an internationally recognised physiologist
Dr Sepp Porta, a recognised expert in research into the effects of polyphenols, is among the developers of "Holler Vulkan"
The volcanic soil provides the elderberries grown in the area with a high concentration of minerals
The elderberries are from the same volcanic region of southeastern Austria where fangocur is produced, making them especially rich in natural minerals

"Holler Vulkan" tastes great and provides the body with natural polyphenols, vitamins and minerals
Holler Vulkan is made from concentrated elderberry, aronia berry, black and red currant along with organic apples. It not only tastes amazing – it also provides the body with needed vitamins and minerals in a 100% natural form. Moreover, drinking Holler Vulkan is a natural way to strengthen the immune system.

"Holler Vulkan" contains a very special, time-tested natural remedy

"Holler Vulkan" is a 100% natural plant extract that contain a very high concentration of polyphenols. Read on to find out why polyphenols can play an important in good health. The main ingredient of the drink is concentrated elderberries (German Holunderbeeren). In addition, it also contains the concentrated juice of aronia berries, red and black currants as well as apples. The result is a drink that tastes great, and at the same time offers unique health benefits.

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Elderberry extract is rich in natural polyphenols, offering protection from bacteria, viruses and free radicals

The plant richest in polyphenols on the planet is elderberry, and the strongest concentration of polyphenols is found in black elderberries. The question you might be asking is what exactly are polyphenols, and what can they do?

Polyphenols are part of the makeup of plants and have evolved over millions of years to protect them from bacteria, fungus and other threats. Polyphenols are highly effective at this task; there are many kinds and they offer many benefits – namely, polyphenols are natural antibiotics.

Scientists have extensively researched this substance, which occurs naturally in plants, and have found that polyphenols can also have such targeted protective effects on the human body…just as they do in plants. One of the leading scientists working in this field is physiologist Dr Sepp Porta. He has proven in a number of studies that elderberries exhibit a unique positive effect on the human body's immune system.

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Polyphenols have been proven to offer protection from free radicals, which are related to a number of illnesses

Free radicals are extremely reactive oxygen-containing compounds that the cells need for the process of cellular respiration as well as supplying the body with oxygen. Fundamentally, they are necessary for life. However when the strain of excessive demands on the body like smoking, environmental pollution and stress become too great, cellular respiration speeds up and the resulting excess free radicals can be damaging to the body. This can lead to chronic inflammation or illnesses, for example arterial sclerosis. Dr Sepp Porta has shown that excessive free radicals that are released into the circulatory system in times of increased stress can actually be gathered up by the polyphenols found in elderberry. The free radicals can thus be neutralised and no longer harm the body.

"Holler Vulkan" contains a high concentration of natural polyphenols along with vitamins, iron and minerals

Working together with seven elderberry farmers in the formerly volcanic region of southeastern Austria, Dr Sepp Port developed Holler Vulkan to be the simplest and most natural way to make the healing polyphenols of plants available for the body. This area of Austria is known as the “Steierisches Vulkanland” (i.e. Styrian volcanic region) – the soil in this area is very rich in minerals due to the millions of years of local volcanic activity that took place. This is why the plant extracts used in “Holler Vulkan” are so rich in iron and minerals. In addition to elderberry extract, "Holler Vulkan" also contains extracts from aronia berries, red and black currants as well as apples. All are natural sources of polyphenols, making "Holler Vulkan" a unique source of secondary plant substances, vitamins and minerals.

Drink Holler Vulkan twice per day, ideally in the morning and at midday, and you’ll see for yourself just how quickly you feel an increased sense of well-being. Here are some of the unique benefits of Holler Vulkan:

  • Strengthens the immune system naturally
  • Protects the body from excessive free radical activity (limits inflammation in general – arterial sclerosis is just one example)
  • Naturally provides the body with vitamins and minerals

Order enough "Holler Vulkan" for a short-term 30 day treatment today – you'll be amazed with the positive effects!

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12 bottles, 250ml each
Enough for 30 days use (40ml in the morning and 40ml in the evening)
Purest bio quality
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