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No More Swollen Gums Thanks to fangocur
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Mouthwash only fights bacteria in the mouth and upper throat

Bentoforte treats the entire oral cavity and pharynx (throat) along with the oesophagus, stomach and intestinal tract – bad breath doesn't have a chance

Bentoforte is 100% natural
The mouth and throat area is an ideal environment for bacteria. This is because the conditions for bacteria are nearly perfect for them in these areas. These micro-organisms prefer the temperature and oxygen present along with all the nutrients they need. To prevent bacteria from getting out of control in your mouth and throat, which can lead to inflammation, it is important to take some preventative measures.

What causes inflammation in the mouth and throat?

There are many different causes for the illnesses that affect the oral cavity and pharynx. In most cases, the reason has to do with a buildup of bacteria. This can get out of control if there is an imbalance in the environment in the mouth. Causes include stress, poor diet, lacking oral hygiene or the chemicals used in common tooth pastes and mouth washes. To restore equilibrium in the oral environment, moreover to keep this environment in balance, two things come to the fore: a proper diet and good oral hygiene, ideally using the most natural products available.

Rely on Bentoforte to fight bacteria and prevent inflammation.

Bentoforte is a medical device from fangocur that works in three ways, directly addressing oral bleeding along with even the most minor of inflammation in the mouth or throat. The balanced combination of 100% natural ingredients including Gossendorf fango healing clay, natural sea salt crystals and naturally pure essential oil delivers both a gentle way to treat and prevent inflammation without the use of artificial substances. The natural environment of the mouth and throat is restored, and effectively kept in balance.

With regular use, the following conditions don't have a chance:

  • Gum inflammation (gingivitis)
  • Pyorrhoea (periodontitis)
  • Cough due to irritation
  • Coating of the tongue
  • Oral ulcers (canker sores)
  • Inflammation due to damage to the mucus lining of the mouth
  • Bad breath

How can Bentoforte work so well?

1. Bentoforte eliminates inflammation in the mouth and throat, including swollen gums

The fango healing clay that Bentoforte contains is effective in fighting gum inflammation and other swelling in the mouth or throat. This in turn helps to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

2. Bentoforte is an effective bactericide, i.e. it kills bacteria      

Bentoforte contains silica along with a wealth of important minerals, which are effective in fighting bacteria colonies in the mouth and throat. The result: restoration of a healthy oral environment.

3. Bentoforte aids in proper digestive function (important in fighting bad breath!)

Foul-smelling waste products found in the intestinal tract are taken up and encouraged to pass quickly out of the body. The acid-base balance is brought back into equilibrium and the entire digestive system is regenerated. A benefit here is that in addition to fighting inflammation, bad breath coming from the digestive system is addressed and improved immune function is encouraged.

Now is the time to do something about the health of your mouth and throat!

Bentoforte (Double Pack)

For acute cases, use Bentoforte once per day for 14 days. As a preventative, once or twice per week is recommended.

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