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ArthroDisc WAX and ArthroDisc GEL for Back, Muscles and Joints
(18.11.2015) back

Dr Lanz, developer of ArthroDisc WAX and ArthroDisc GEL

ArthroDisc GEL has a cooling effect to reduce swelling and acute pain

ArthroDisc WAX is warming, making it effective against chronic pain
In addition to the ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules that have been around for a number of years, Dr Lanz has also developed two natural creams with very special effects. They are the optimal addition to your treatment programme with the capsules as there are both cooling and warming options available. Now you have another way to address your condition using a cream applied to the skin.

Pain and other conditions affecting the joints, spinal discs and musculature can either be externally treated with creams having a warming effect or gels having a cooling effect. For pain related to acute injury as well as for swelling or bruises, a cooling product is best. For chronic pain, or acute pain that is already subsiding, a warming product is ideal. There's no need for stress when deciding whether warming or cooling is better – you'll certainly feel which is right for you and your wellbeing.

Use cooling ArthroDisc GEL for swelling, bruising and acute complaints

This gel is excellent for the connective tissue of the joints, tendons and joint capsules. It effectively reduces inflammation thanks to its toning effect on the veins and lymph vessels. Additionally, the cooling effect of the gel slows the metabolism of the area of application so that swelling and acute inflammation are encouraged to fade away. This natural joint and vein gel is fast acting, providing a lasting cooling effect. The ingredients are 100% natural and include devil's claw, aloe vera, menthol, camphor and a blend of essential oils.

It's easy to use ArthroDisc Gel. Simply massage the gel into the affected area of the body for a few minutes repeatedly throughout the day. The pleasant cooling effect is noticeable immediately after application.

Use warming ArthroDisc WAX for chronic conditions, muscle cramping and tension

This warming muscle cream reduces pains and increases circulation, allowing for deep relaxation and easing of muscle tension. Through this increase in circulation, waste products from local metabolic processes are transported away, for example those related to bruising or muscular inflammation. ArthrDisc WAX is outstanding when used for chronic pain as well as conditions affecting the joints, musculature and spinal discs. You can also use ArthroDisc WAX for acute complaints that are on the way to resolving. The ingredients are 100% natural and include devil's claw, arnica, wintergreen oil and chilli pepper extract.

Massage ArthroDisc WAX into the affected area several times per day. You'll quickly feel the warming effects.

Order ArthroDisc GEL now
cooling, reduces swelling and inflammation
Size: 75 ml
Price: £16.25 

Order ArthroDisc WAX now
warming, soothing, increases circulation
Size: 75 ml
Price: £16.25 

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