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Unique, Natural Toothpaste from fangocur
(15.05.2019) back


New recipe: the Mineral Toothpaste for daily use contains Gossendorf fango, chalk, xylitol and natural herbal essences

Practical and economical: The Mineral Toothpaste is now available in 80ml plastic tubes
The fangocur Mineral Toothpaste contains exclusively high quality, natural ingredients that are certified bio. It offers gentle yet thorough cleansing while being especially gentle on the enamel of the teeth.

Natural Recipe is Guaranteed Effective and Tastes Good

Our Mineral Toothpaste has been hugely popular for years due to its thorough yet gentle cleaning effectiveness. As before, the cleaning of teeth and gums is accomplished via mineral cleansing particles consisting of Gossendorf fango and chalk. We intentionally avoid the use of suspect fluoride, and instead make use of xylitol, which has been proven to fight cavities in clinical studies. Our Mineral Toothpaste contains pure water from an Artesian spring in the alps near Salzburg combined with peppermint, sage and a blend of tried and tested essential oils. These help to strengthen and soothe the gums and additionally add to the pleasant, fresh taste.

Mineral Toothpaste: Certified, Bio, Vegan                   

The fangocur Mineral Toothpaste contains only natural, high quality ingredients – it's also certified BIO and vegan. Our Mineral Toothpaste has also been medically tested for it's capacity to protect the enamel of the teeth: is has been proven to be gentle on dental enamel as it is extremely non-abrasive (RDA 17).

More Practical and More Economical

In order to make the demands of our loyal customers a reality, we decided to change to an 80ml worry-free plastic tube. This means that we can better meet the demand and increase production, and at the same time increase the efficiency of the production process. The result is a lower price for you.

Our toothpaste contains only 100% natural ingredients. Of course they are somewhat more expensive than artificial ingredients. We follow strict guidelines in the production of our top quality toothpastes:

  • No artificial disinfectants or preservatives
  • No foaming agents (surfactants)
  • No polyethylene glycol (PEG)
  • No fluoride
  • No abrasive material
  • No artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes

Now is the time to step up to an especially effective and natural toothpaste!

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste 80ml

fangocur Mineral Toothpaste (Double Pack) 2x80ml

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