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Natural Complexion Care from fangocur
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Washing cream with peeling effect (Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream)

Tonic for soothing and moisturising (Mineral Clarifying Tonic)

Light and moisturising skin cream (Mineral Light & Moisturizing Face Cream)

Rich and regenerating skin cream (Mineral Rich & Regenerating Face Cream)
Our natural facial care products have been created for everyday use and for all types of skin. They provide optimal skincare for everyone, whether normal skin or very sensitive, to both nurture the complexion and improve skin function. The subtle fragrance make them suitable for both men and women.

Our natural skincare line is truly different from commonly available industrially produced skin care products as they contain only natural ingredients – nothing "chemical" or artificial. Our special focus is to create natural cosmetic products of the highest possible quality. They contain a combination of Gossendorf fango, our natural healing clay, organically produced raw materials and artesian spring water along with healing and nurturing herbs that have been harvested by hand.

Our natural complexion care in detail:

Washing Cream with Light Peeling Effect
Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream)

Thanks to the effects of Gossendorf fango healing clay combined with ground almonds, this mild washing cream cleans the complexion down to the pores. It mineralises and strengthens the skin. Through the gentle peeling effect, the pores are cleansed while the skin is encouraged to relax. The almond milk it contains has a soothing effect, and the exquisite scents of gentle essential oils stimulate both the skin and senses.

75ml dispenser 
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Tonic to Moisturise and Soothe the Skin
(Mineral Clarifying Tonic)

This invigorating tonic permeates to deeper layers of the skin and improves skin function thanks to the combination of Gossendorf fango and fragrant rose blossom hydrolate it contains. Use it to soothe the skin after washing – it eases away that feeling of tightness in the skin, and the herbal fresh scent of unique essential oils is an indulgence for the senses.

125ml dispenser 
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Light Moisturising Skin Cream
(Mineral Light & Moisturizing Face Cream)

This light mineral facial cream provides gentle skin care for the face and neck area. It contains Gossendorf fango combined with natural seed oils, spring water, aloe vera, the anti-wrinkle elixir hyaluronic acid and quality scents. It nurtures the skin while through its mineralising effect, enhancing skin resiliency. The light cream is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no oily residue, and encourages skin balance. It can also be used by those with sensitive skin, and is suitable for use by people suffering with a number of dermatological conditions or allergies as well as skin irritation or inflammation.

50ml jar 
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Rich and Regenerating Skin Cream
(Mineral Rich & Regenerating Face Cream)

This rich mineral skin cream is ideal for gentle nurturing and regeneration of dry, aging or damaged skin of the face and neck. Contains Gossendorf fango, our unique healing clay rich in minerals and trace elements. Lanolin in combination with uniquely high quality plant oils helps to protect the skin from negative environmental factors. Soothes the skin. Aloe and hyaluronic acid, the anti-wrinkle elixir, deliver moisture to the deeper layers of the skin. Can also be used by those with sensitive skin. It is suitable for use by people suffering with a number of dermatological conditions or allergies as well as skin irritation or inflammation.

50ml jar 
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