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Magen Darm
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Natural Products for Hair and Body
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Shower gel to soothe and revitalise the skin (Mineral Gentle Shower Gel)

Shampoo to cleanse and invigorate both hair and scalp (Mineral Gentle Shampoo)

Conditioner to strengthen hair while increasing shine and making it easier to comb (Mineral Care & Repair Conditioner)
Get to know our line of nature skincare and haircare products! They provide optimal care for all types of skin and hair, whether normal or very sensitive, gently cleansing while at the same time fortifying skin and hair with minerals. Thanks to their subtle and light scents, they are suitable for use by both men and women.

Our natural body and hair care products contain not only pure, bio ingredients that have been grown naturally – they also contain our very special healing clay known as Gossendorf fango. This unique clay is rich in useful minerals and trace elements, fortifying the skin while making it more resilient. This is the right way to actively prevent skin irritation.
Read on to learn more about natural haircare and skincare.

Shower Gel Soothes and Revitalises the Skin (Mineral Gentle Shower Gel)
This mild and creamy shower gel gently cleanses the skin while having an invigorating effect. The combination of revitalising spring water, soothing jojoba oil and Gossendorf fango makes your skin feel like new again. A herbal fresh scent enlivens the senses. This shower gel is also suitable for very sensitive skin.


Shampoo Cleanses and Invigorates Both Hair and Scalp (Mineral Gentle Shampoo)

Mild shampoo gently cleans, nurtures and strengthens the hair and scalp thanks to the special aloe vera, wheat protein and bio olive oil it contains. The silica contained in the Gossendorf fango healing clay strengthens the hair down to the roots, adding vitality and body. Suitable for all types of hair, also for frequent use. For longer hair or dry hair, we recommend following up with the Mineral Care & Repair Conditioner.


Conditioner Strengthens Hair, Increases Shine and Makes it Easier to Comb (Mineral Care & Repair Conditioner)

Our conditioner makes the hair easier to comb, bringing out the shine in your hair. Protects and nurtures the hair with proteins and essential oils together with the powerful minerals contained in the fango healing clay. It also contains aloe vera juice, chamomile blossom extracts, rosemary extracts and vitamin E. Suitable for all types of hair, especially for long or dry hair.


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