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The Home Remedy for Sensitive Skin: Soap
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Acne Mineral Soap

Curative Mineral Soap

AloeVera Mineral Soap

Our thermally treated beechwood soap holder keeps your natural soap dry
Did you know that the most natural and gentle way to clean the skin is to use soap? No natural shower gel or other skin cleansing product is as gentle as soap. It is a true home remedy for people with sensitive skin. Read on to find out just why this is the case.

Natural Soap is Alkaline – It Helps to Keep the Skin from Drying Out

Natural soaps are "basic", i.e. alkaline. This results in greater moisture at the surface of the skin, which in turn helps to protect the deeper layers of skin. The effect lasts from two to three hours, after which time the protective water-lipid layer of the skin is restored. By using natural soap, you are doing something to protect your skin from drying that lasts for up to three hours.

Not All Soaps Are Natural – The Soaps from fangocur Are Double Effective

Not everyone knows that many soaps also contain chemical additives. When you are shopping for the right soap, it is essential that you make sure to buy a truly natural soap. You can rest assured that the soaps from fangocur are all-natural and of the highest quality available. All of the fangocur soaps also contain "Gossendorf fango" healing clay. In addition to the gentle basic cleansing that you can get with other natural soaps, you can enjoy the healing effects of our natural healing clay. It contains minerals and trace elements to make the skin more resilient, helping to prevent new spots, pimples and inflammation from occurring. 

The double effectiveness of fangocur Mineral Soaps is beyond compare:
  • Protects the skin from drying due to the basic effects of natural soap
  • Prevents pimples and inflammation thanks to the effects of "Gossendorf fango"

You'll be amazed with the quality of the natural soaps from fangocur!

AloeVera Mineral Soap
for normal skin, free of skin problems

Acne Mineral Soap 
for spots, pimples and blackheads

Curative Mineral Soap 
for inflammation and eczema

Save with the purchase of economical three-packs!

You should also order our thermally treated beech soap holder. It allows the fangocur soap to dry more quickly – your soap lasts even longer. This wood soap holder has a beautiful design so it's sure to improve the appearance of any bath.

Heat-Treated Beech Soap Holder

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