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Facial Creams with the Power of Healing Clay
(08.05.2019) back

The complexion creams from fangocur make use of the healing power of nature
The new light facial cream from fangocur brings together quality natural ingredients and the power of healing clay
This complexion cream ensures that your skin is both healthy and beautiful
The rich facial cream from fangocur nourishes and regenerates the skin in a unique way
It seems like we're always being asked to put our unique healing clay to use in a facial cream. Until now we were only able to offer natural, high quality skin creams – unfortunately without our healing clay as an ingredient. Now we've finally succeeded in uniting the best in natural skin care with the power of healing clay.

Our new facial creams bring together many advantages in comparison to our previously available complexion creams:
  • New and improved formula
  • Contains "Gossendorf fango" healing clay
  • More content, lower price
  • Practical 50ml jar
The power of healing clay ensures that our new facial creams do more than nurturing the skin – the complexion is also mineralised and invigorated. The healing clay gently stimulates the metabolism of the skin, which means that the minerals it contains can be even more effective. You'll notice the difference from the start as the skin feels pleasantly soft and nourished without being oily…simply beautiful and healthy.

We recommend that you give our unique facial creams a try today. We're certain that you'll be impressed:

Mineral Light & Moisturizing Face Cream
(light complexion cream for oily or combination skin)
50ml, £25,63
>>Order here
Mineral Rich & Regenerating Face Cream
(rich complexion cream for dry skin)
50ml, £25,63
>>Order here

Which cream is right for me?
It's important to keep in mind that we all have both areas of dry and oily skin. That's why using our light and rich skin creams on different areas of your complexion is a good idea, depending on the type of skin. For example you could use the rich skin cream for the skin under the eyes and our light complexion cream for your forehead and cheeks. Both creams are suitable for use as night creams – the cream you chose depends on whether your skin needs a lot of moisturising while you sleep or if your skin is well hydrated and just needs a little support while you sleep. Simply experiment and you'll see what works best for you. You will be able to see the results straight away – just have a close look in the mirror in the morning.
>>More information about our Mineral Light & Moisturizing Face Cream

>>More information about our Mineral Rich & Regenerating Face Cream
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