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Guaranteed Glowing Skin in Only 20 Minutes
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The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur is a pure luxury for the complexion. With the unique makeup of fango healing clay, the mask fights the signs of skin aging such as the development of wrinkles. You'll experience its unbelievable effectiveness after the very first use!

The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur is a rejuvenating cure for every skin type. It is the 100% natural solution for everyone who would like to have younger looking skin and maintain a youthful glow.

How does the Anti-Aging Mask improve the skin?
  • Deep cleansing
    There are few other products that can so thoroughly clean the skin. Circulation is increased while the skin's metabolism is stimulated, detoxifying and purifying even the deepest layers of the skin.
  • Increase oxygen delivery
    Your pores will be gently encouraged to open so that the skin can really "breathe". Like the increase in circulation noted above, this effect also means that more oxygen can reach every individual skin cell.
  • Provides minerals and trace elements
    Valuable trace element along with important minerals like sulfur work to eliminate free radicals (i.e. anti-oxidant effect) which helps to protect the skin from their effects. This can visibly slow the aging process.
  • Naturally pure plant-based oils promote healthier skin
    Thanks to a low molecular weight, the outer layers of the skin are penetrated, reaching the connective tissue, lymph vessels and skin cells.
How long before I see the first positive effects?

You'll see and feel the difference after the very first use. We guarantee it! Your complexion will look younger and more fresh, and at the same time your skin will feel softer to the touch. The Anti-Aging Mask also makes the skin more resilient so you are optimally prepared for the everyday challenges your skin faces.

Try the Anti-Aging Mask for yourself now – you're sure to be impressed!

We recommend that you use the Anti-Aging Mask once or twice per week. After using the mask, it's a good idea to apply our sumptuous Rich & Regenerating Face Cream – it's 100% natural.
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