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A Different Way to Peel
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An essential part of caring for your appearance is washing your face every day. It's also essential to do everything you can to prevent skin problems like pimples, blackheads and other undesirable skin problems. To prevent such skin conditions and keep your skin looking its best, we recommend our new natural peeling product…a slightly different way to peel from fangocur.

No Other Peeling Has Such Combined Effectiveness – It Both Cleanses and Soothes Your Skin!

The new peeling cream from fangocur – Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream – is an extremely mild cleansing cream that cleans your skin down to the pores. Use it to clean your complexion as well as your neck and neckline. The question as to what makes this peeling so special has two answers: First, it gently frees the skin of contaminants as well as metabolic waste products at the level of the pores, and second, it strengthens the skin while providing minerals thanks to the unique Gossendorf fango healing clay it contains. This means that the Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream offers a combination of simultaneous skin cleaning and skin care, while at the same time your skin is protected from irritation and other skin conditions.

>> More information about peeling with fangocur

Makes Everyday Washing into an Experience for the Senses

It starts when you first lather the cream in your hands: The combination of fine fragrances is an indulgence for the senses. The scent is uniquely invigorating thanks to the highest quality essential oils used. The peeling cream from fangocur also contains ground almonds as well as almond milk to ensure an optimal consistency and a soothing skin feel. Use this peeling cream and transform the "have to" of everyday washing into a truly luxurious experience for both skin and senses.

The Benefits of the Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream from fangocur:
  •     Deep and gentle cleansing, down to the pore
  •     Fortifies the skin with minerals to make it more resilient
  •     Relaxes the skin while reducing the size of pores
  •     Protects the skin from irritation and other skin problems
  •     Highest Austrian BIO certification

How to use the Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream:

In the mornings and evenings, apply a small amount of the Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream to the face, neck and upper chest, massage in gently, then remove with water, cosmetic sponge or washcloth.

Use the Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream once or twice per week as an effective mask. Allow it to work for 20 minutes, massage with light pressure, then rinse. This is especially recommended for people with problem skin or large pores!

Order the alternative peeling treatment from fangocur today:

>> Mineral Clarifying Peeling Cream
75ml, suitable for every skin type, vegan
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