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Autophagy – When the Body Renews Itself
(27.05.2019) back
The natural anti-aging process of the body
Autophagy – an intensive cellular renewal process – starts automatically after 15 to 20 hours
Make use of the autophagy process!
A natural anti-aging program can keep your body fit and vital

Bentomed increases the effects of the body's own rejuvenation process via the intestinal tract
If the body does not get energy from outside, the cells begin to break themselves down. Dying or deformed cells that are dysfunctional or diseased are eradicated along with oxidated protein compounds and damaged mitochondria. This special process means that bacteria or viruses that might have invaded the cells are broken down at the same time. New cells are then made from the resultant materials from one's own body. That is the natural anti-aging process of the body, and everyone can make use of it.

How can I stimulate autophagy and increase the effects?

The answer is simply enough: intermittent fasting. All you have to do is take in no food or drink that contain calories for 15 to 20 hours – this alone can automatically turn on your body's own "fountain of youth" system. We recommend that you avoid taking in any calories 15 to 20 hours on a daily basis in order to support feeling more young and vital. When you do this, your body has a greater possibility to rid itself of cellular waste and to make fresh cells.

It's easy: just fast once a day!

It sounds complicated, but in truth it's not. Just avoid consuming any calories for 15 to 20 hours and you'll be making use of a natural anti-aging process. You'll be sleeping for between 8 and 10 hours, so you only need to eat your evening meal a little earlier and eat your breakfast a little later. That's all it takes to create the necessary pause, and you still eat the same number of meals every day. It's all it takes – and ideally you do this every day.

Bentomed also stimulates autophagy!

During this period of cellular rejuvenation, supplemental cleansing of the digestive system is optimal. This way, the intestinal tract is especially well prepared to free the body of metabolic waste products, further relieving strain on the cells. For breakfast, only drink Bentomed and avoid other food and drink – do this every 2 to 3 months for a week at a time. You'll be optimising the regenerative process and cleansing your lower digestive tract at the same time…in a truly unique way. Bentomed has zero calories and it supports the cellular renewal process in an completely natural way as it cleanses your intestinal tract.

Make use of your body's natural anti-aging process and order Bentomed here:

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