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The Part of the Body with the Most Immune Cells
(03.05.2021) back
A healthy intestinal tract is the foundation for good health in general
If the intestinal environment is out of balance, one is more susceptible to a number of illnesses
To make new cells, the body need the best nutrients
Only a healthy lower digestive system can ensure that the cells get the most quality energy possible

A high quality, plant-based diet with little or no animal products keeps your intestinal tract healthy for the long term

Vegetarian meals are far from boring, in fact just the opposite is true: pure and natural flavour

Bentomed is fundamental when it comes to disposing of the remnants of dietary mistakes found in the intestines

Most of the immune cells in the body, specifically around two thirds, are found in the intestines – the most important part of the digestive tract. When the environment in the intestines is out of balance, it leads to problems that go well beyond the health of the intestines themselves.

The most important metabolic process in the whole body is closely connected with the digestion. The body has to constantly provide the cells with water and nutrients. First off, this is their energy supply, and second, quality water and nutrients are needed to replace cells that are at the end of their lifespans, i.e. to make new cells. The takeaway is that our digestion is the foundation for our entire lives. If it's not working, then in the short-term we'll be more susceptible to digestive complaints, and over the longer term we are more apt to develop various more serious illnesses, from lifestyle-related diseases to infections, and even devastating illnesses like cancer.

The intestinal tract plays a crucial role in good immune system function and everyday energy levels

Two thirds of our immune cells, so the cells that protect our bodies from viruses and bacteria, are to be found in the intestines. If the digestive system in not working well, then our ability to fight illness is limited and our everyday energy levels are lower. This can have negative long-term effects on the body. The question is why do so many people suffer with poorly functioning digestion. What is the best thing to do in order to maintain optimal functioning of the digestive system, and relatedly to keep the immune system strong and resilient?

Use this guaranteed tip to get your digestive system in order!

It's so simple: The most important tip that we can give you is to pay attention to how you eat and make healthier choices. You're likely thinking that you've heard it all before, but think about it like this: Whatever you put into your body is the determining factor when it comes to the condition of your intestinal tract, and moreover what you eat forms the building blocks of the cells in your body, both in terms of supplying the cells with energy and making new cells. If the diet consists of low quality substances like fat, sugar, white flour and other refined industrial products, one should not expect the cells to be made up of top quality materials. The result is lower energy to meet the demands of daily life as well as premature aging.

It's so simple:

Give the following concrete recommendations a try for 30 days…they won't be difficult to put into practice:

  • Make the decision to avoid animal products for 30 days (no meat, fish, milk products, cheese or eggs) as well as fats and oils (even avoid plant-based oils like olive oil, linseed oil, coconut fat, etc.). If you're not able to avoid these foods completely, then simply limit your consumption of animal products to once or twice per week, and keep the portions small.
  • Eat a good amount of starchy vegetables (potatoes, brown rice and whole grains, beans, lentils, etc.). They will provide your body with protein and high quality calories.
  • Also eat a lot of fresh, raw vegetable, a large proportion of which should be leafy green vegetables (important: chew every mouthful 50 to 70 times!)
  • Eat fresh seasonal fruits (not to much though – aim for more vegetables than fruits)
  • Drink 1.5 to 2 liters of quality water per day (a liter is about 32 ounces). Drink about a half a liter of water (so a pint) about one hour before you eat a meal, and try to drink little or nothing while you're eating as well as after the meal.
  • Eat three meals per day at the most, and avoid snacking between meals.

If 30 days is not possible for you, then simply follow through with the above plan for 10 days or a week…or even just one day! The important thing is that you give it a try.

First: Cleanse and detoxify with Bentomed – You can't do better for your intestinal tract

If you want to make use of the recommendations above, we have one more idea for you. Regardless whether or not you have any health complaints, we really recommend starting a short-term cure with Bentomed at the same time. By doing so, you'll be cleansing and detoxifying your intestinal tract, and freeing your digestive systems of the dietary mistakes you've made over the years. Only a healthy intestinal tract is able to make the best use of the healthy foods you eat.

Order Bentomed now and rid your lower digestive system of the remnants of all the bad food choice you've made in the past: Order Bentomed

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