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The Truth: What's Making People Fat?
(31.05.2021) back
Unfortunately belly fat is the rule and not the exception
Even thin people usually store fat around their midsections, buttocks, hips or thighs
Plant-based oils are also unhealthy and make people fat
It's not just animal fats – even "healthy" fats cause weight gain
Carbohydrates like brown rice do not make you fat
Complex carbohydrates like brown rice should form the foundation of the diet
Carbohydrates like potatoes make you satisfied and not fat
Potatoes as well as lentils, beans, squash and whole grains are satisfying, and they're not stored as fat
Sugar and sweet things in general are unhealthy
Simple carbohydrates like sugar, sweets, honey and even white flour are empty calories that you should absolutely avoid
Bentomed MICRO removes excess fat via the intestinal tract
Bentomed MICRO helps you to more quickly and efficiently rid your body of excess fat

More and more people who eat a typical Western diet are overweight. If you look closely, even those who tend to be thin also have a bit of fat around the middle. Women often store excess fat on their hips, thighs and buttocks. What is in fact to blame for this, and why do so few people know what to do about it?

The central question in the explanation of what really makes people fat is this: What components of the diet are converted into fat, and what foods are quickly metabolised so that they are not stored as fat?

In recent years, carbohydrates have commonly received the blame and been vilified because of it. The reasoning goes like this: carbohydrates are nothing more than sugar, and thus they clearly lead to people becoming overweight. That is the unanimous opinion of many supposed fitness experts, and this heavily negative view of carbohydrates also receives a lot of attention in the media.

What's the real truth? Can the body make fat from carbohydrates, i.e. "sugars"? Are carbs stored as body fat?

The truth is that carbohydrates are only rarely converted into fat. The body consistently utilises the components of the foods we eat in the most efficient way possible. Converting carbohydrates into fat costs a lot of energy, and for that reason almost all excess carbohydrates that we consume are simply burned off and released by the body in the form of heat via the skin and lungs. If you take in more carbs than the body can use, the excess is saved in the liver, kidneys and muscles in the form of a long-chain reserve energy source (i.e. a multi-branched polysaccharide) called glycogen. This doesn't equate to much weight gain at all, because the total amount of stored glycogen in the body amounts to 2,000 to 4,000 calories – that equates to .5 to 1 kilogram of body weight. Moreover that's not something anyone is going to notice in terms of body shape because it's stored out of site in the liver and muscles.

A normally active man would have to consume about 5,000 calories per day before his body would start to convert these excess carbohydrates into any appreciable amount of fat. To accomplish this, he would have to eat around 4.5 kilograms of rice, or 33 large potatoes.

It's not really possible to put on much weight by eating carbs. What types of food are in fact converted into fat?

That's an easy one: The fat that you eat goes directly to your belly, butt or hips. To provide you with energy, the body makes use of carbohydrates right away. For the most part, the fats that you take in are stored as fat cells – and this primarily takes place in the fatty tissue that lies directly below the surface of the skin, and also surrounds our internal organs.

And now for some really bad news: Even so-called "healthy" fats like olive oil make people fat. The body also simply stores it in the form of body fat. It is true that the body needs fat to metabolise certain vitamins, for insulation from the cold, as a support for the internal organs and for the repair of cell membranes. Nonetheless, the human body itself can produce most fats. Moreover, foods that are supposedly free of fat, for example vegetables, also still contain a good amount of fat. This is why we don't need to put a lot of fat into our bodies, and the few essential fats that the body needs add up to less than 2% of a person's daily caloric intake. It is thus practically impossible to suffer from a lack of essential fats.

What is an easy way to get rid of body fat…or even better, to ensure that you don't put on weight as fat?

It's so easy – just follow these dietary suggestions and make some changes to how you eat:

  • Avoid all animal products, or massively reduce your consumption. Ideally, such foods should be no more than 5-10% of the calories that you consume daily.
  • Avoid all plant oils, nuts, seeds and avocados, or keep their consumption to a minimum.
  • Replace these foods with high quality carbohydrates like whole grains, brown rice, beans, lentils, potatoes, yams, squash and pseudo-grains (e.g. quinoa, amaranth, millet and oats) as well as cooked or raw vegetables. A little fruit is okay too.
  • Simply eliminate sweet things from your diet (sugar, white flour, fruit juice, etc.) because they only provide empty calories and no nutrients or dietary fibre.
  • Try this programme for at least 10 days. You should also add Bentomed MICRO to your new way of eating. It is an effective way to help your body to pass the harmful fats via the lower digestive tract. Bentomed MICRO helps your digestive system to quickly eliminate this "contamination" from the body.

Over these 10 days, you will lose more that just excess weight…you'll also feel a lot better. We're also sure that after giving this plan a try, you'll also have more awareness about what you are putting into your body in the future. This experiment might even become your new way of eating for the long-term. The reason is clear: after you experience the improvement, you'll simply want to continue feeling great!

Help your cells with Bentomed MICRO and rid your body of fat deposits even more quickly!

One more thing: With these adjustments to your diet, many stomach and digestive complaints will simply go away. Just give it a try, along with Bentomed MICRO. Order here!

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