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Pain - Curse or Blessing?
(16.09.2019) back
Pain signals an emergency and makes it clear that something isn't right
Pain is a signal that the body is damaged and is taking action to prevent further damage
Unfortunately for many physicians, the rapid elimination of pain is the top priority and not fighting the actual cause
Good doctors always focus on the source of the pain rather than simply offering medication to eliminate the pain

Pain of any kind has an influence on our wellbeing, and everyone tries to be rid of pain as quickly as possible. We might visit a doctor, ask a pharmacist or search the internet – all in the hopes of finding the right remedy to eliminate our pain. Modern medicine is focused on quickly putting an end to pain. The question is whether or not that is the right thing to be doing.

The absence of pain is a cornerstone of a good life, and so it's no wonder that people who are able to prevent or alleviate pain have been put on a pedestal in the past, and the same is true today.

The want to be free of pain is a life-preserving desire

Pain itself does not seem to be miraculous or a positive thing in general; instead, everything is aimed at alleviating pain. In truth, pain is a means for the nervous system to send us a signal that something is not okay in the body. Pain is a distress call, and moreover it's an indication that a change has to be made in order to prevent damage to the body.

A behaviour or action that serves to reduce pain is often linked to the restoration of physical health. If the pain is eased, this is often a sign that we're on the right path. Modern medical science is better and better at succeeding when it comes to pain alleviation and the restoration of health. Through diagnosis (i.e. finding the cause of the pain), elimination of the cause of illness and the application of pain-relieving remedies, or even the elimination of pain, medicine has been able to achieve groundbreaking successes.

In spite of the elimination of pain, the cause is often still present so the body is further harmed

Over time such success have unfortunately actually become a curse. The possibilities today to fight pain are providing us with entirely novel benefits – still, this is not something that a living creature could ever really benefit from. New types of pain relievers and the possibility to choose among them presents us with a quandary. Many patients suffer with pain, and the source of the pain ought to be eliminated. Getting people to shift their habits toward more healthy behaviour can be a thankless and futile undertaking. One thing is certainly clear: Many patients do want to feel better, but with as little effort as possible. As patients tend to think that if they are feeling better, their health is better as well, they usually do not have a lot of motivation to look more closely at how they are living their lives and potentially eliminate the source of the pain. The temptation is likewise great for physicians to leave their patients in the dark. It is much easier just to tell patients what they want to hear, and to provide them with what they want most.

Unfortunately, nowadays fighting symptoms has become very easy: Find out where the patient has pain, and then decide which medication is the most effective at fighting that pain. The more time-consuming and challenging method is to determine the cause of the pain, and to make it clear to the patient how valuable and worthwhile it is to eliminate this cause. Unfortunately not all medical professionals take this more demanding route.

We at fangocur would like to encourage a long-term shift toward behaviour that encourages good health

Part of this is being sceptical if your doctor gives you a prescription for a medication to alleviate pain. Ask about the source of the pain, and don’t be swayed by arguments like "it's genetic". Be critical, think for yourself and try everything you can to determine the cause. It's very common that the source of pain is poor nutrition (in most cases, this is the most decisive of all causes), not enough physical activity or excessive psychological stress.

Above all, if you maintain a healthy diet, you will be able to achieve excellent results when it comes to your health. Don't take that advice to lightly, and do not be dependent on the advice of "experts" when it comes to figuring out your nutrition. It has now been scientifically proven (even if you continue to often hear otherwise) that a plant-based diet that is low in fat and high in quality (i.e. little or no animal products or oils, regardless the type) is the best way to support your health.

Source: Douglas J. Lisle/Alan Goldhamer, The Pleasure Trap, 2006
Dr. Douglas J. Lisle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer have been promoting this contemporary diet for over 40 years. They lead a clinic in the US that is very effectively treating chronic illnesses using a combination of water fasting and improved nutrition – and their positive results have been scientifically proven.


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