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Is the Poison in the Dose?
(07.10.2019) back
This dose does indeed make the poison!
This meal alone can shorten your life – more than 6 hours are required for your body to recover from such a meal!
Bentomed helps to more quickly rid the body of fatty foods
Bentomed can help you to more quickly "process" your hopefully rare dietary lapses

There's a saying that "the poison is in the dose", and people often use it to justify bad habits in terms of how they eat. It has nonetheless been shown that even a single bad meal has harmful effects on your body. What exactly you should be putting into your body is our topic of the day.

In studies conducted in the past, it was proven on multiple occasions that even a single fat-rich meal has verifiably harmful effects on the body, in particular on the condition of the blood vessels. About 6 hours are required for the body to return to the state it was in before eating the meal.

What are the proven harmful effects of just one fat-rich meal?

In one study, 16 test subject were given a meal that had a 67% fat content, and a control group received a meal that was just 10% fat. Immediately after consuming the meal, the arteries of the subjects were examined using ultrasound and other methods, and the following are the astounding results:

  • The condition of the arteries became 67% worse.
  • The worsening of the arterial elasticity lead to lasting damage to the structure of the walls of the arteries.
  • The characteristics of the blood cells changed due to the consumption of a high amount of fat. Before the fat-rich meal, the cells flowed easily through the blood vessels, while after the fatty meal they clumped together and it became more difficult for them to pass through the blood vessels. This means that the blood flowed more slowly, leading to a 20% decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood.
  • These effects lead to higher blood pressure along with chest pain in people who are already suffering with arterial sclerosis. Another related effect is general tiredness after consuming the meal.
  • Through all of these harmful effects, the likelihood of arterial blockage, heart attack and stroke. The more often you damage your body through eating poorly, in particular eating fat-rich food, the more quickly these fatal results may occur.

The dose does not always make the poison!

In this case, just a single dose – in this case a meal – does make the poison. Please literally take these words "to heart" and do your very best to avoid doing any damage to your heart and your blood vessels.

When you nevertheless cannot avoid eating such a meal from time to time, then immediately after the meal drink a glass of water to which you've added a small spoonful of Bentomed. By doing so, less fat will enter your bloodstream and the regeneration of your blood vessels will occur more quickly.

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Source: Dr. MacDougall Newsletter, Immediate Harm from One Fatty Meal with further references: Nestel P. Post-prandial remnant lipids impair arterial compliance. J Am Coll Cardiol 37:1929-35, 2001; Friedman M. Serum Lipids and conjunctival circulation after fat ingestion in men exhibiting type-A behavior pattern. Circulation 29:874, 1964; Kuo P. The effect of lipemia upon coronary and peripheral arterial circulation in patients with essential hyperlipemia. Am J Med 26:68, 1959.


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On topic: Order Bentomed and limit the effects of a fat-rich meal!

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