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Open the windows and let the fresh air into your living space
Let the fresh air in and start the day with a few deep breaths
Gentle stretching in the morning prepares your body for the day
Do some gentle movements just after you get out of bed to support your joint health before the challenges of the day begin
Eating a lot of fruit and vegetables strengthens your immune system
Make sure that you include enough fruits and vegetables in your diet
Improve the functioning of your immune system by getting enough sleep
Early to bed, early to rise – getting enough revitalising sleep makes your immune system stronger

Especially during this time of year, as the days once again become colder and there's more rain and wind to contend with, it is all the more important to ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. With the help of the following tips for a more relaxed daily routine, we'll show you how you can stay healthy and fit throughout the cooler winter months.

In order to stay healthy and free of seasonal illnesses during the autumn and winter months, a strong immune system is essential. You can support your health by incorporating a few simple new habits into your day, and it's actually easy to do.

Get up early and start the day with some movement

Try to get out of bed before 6 o'clock in the morning. Start the new day with a couple minutes of just paying attention to your body and surroundings. Sit down in a quiet place and breath in and out deeply – when you're doing this, the exhale should last at least twice as long as the inhale. Notice how peaceful the morning feels, and how it's easier to relax at this time of day. After your awareness practic, we recommend doing a few gentle stretches to warm up your body and get yourself ready for the day ahead. Make circular movements, starting with your shoulders and arms, and then move to your legs and ankles.

Include your lungs in the new day and open a window to let outdoor air into your living space, and take a few breaths of fresh morning air.

On cold fall and winter days, a warm ginger and lemon tea can work wonders. It warms your body from within and gives you energy for the morning. Naturally we also need to nourish our bodies in order to be full of energy and take care of what we need to during the day. Here one can utilise all the power of enjoying a warm breakfast, for example you can cook some buckwheat, oats or millet in water, coconut milk or almond milk. Then, depending on your mood, you can add some dates, figs or stewed fruit like apples or pears. If you'd like to make the whole thing more sweet, just reach for some organic honey from your region – this also helps to make your immune system more resistant to the pollen where you live. In this way, you'll be getting your body ready for the next pollen season…even during the wintertime.

Physical activity in the fresh air is also a genuine health elixir for the body. If it's possible in terms of the distance you need to travel, you can leave your car at home sometimes and instead walk or use your bicycle to get to work. This means you arrive at work refreshed and invigorated, moreover you'll have already accomplished something to improve your physical fitness. Even if you don't have the time to specifically dedicate to engaging in some physical activity, walking or biking to work is a good way to regularly integrate some healthy movement into your daily routine.

You should also enjoy warm drinks throughout your workday, and avoid cold and carbonated drinks. Additionally, on more stressful days you can create an island of calm for yourself by taking a moment to leave your workplace, close your eyes and just be by yourself from time to time.

Eating high quality, nutritious carbohydrates gives you the energy you need for the day

In order to also be full of energy in the afternoon, a nutritious and revitalising lunch is essential. This should mostly be made up of regionally grown, organic vegetables that are in season where you live. As a source of carbohydrates you can choose from buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, spelt or millet. To top up your protein tank, lentils or beans are good options. Naturally, you can combine these sources of protein with carbs. Of course you also want your meal to taste good. Spices like turmeric and ginger along with herbs including cilantro, parsley, basil, rosemary or thyme will certainly bring some variety to whatever you're eating. Consider incorporating some horseradish into your meal if you are in the mood – it has strong anti-bacterial effects and reduces inflammation. Add an attractive garnish to your dish that's both a pleasure to look at and to eat, for example  pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds and  edible flowers will add some additional pop to your midday meal.

If you eat a nutritious, warm porridge in the morning – like those described above – and you have a satisfying lunch, you'll also notice that you no longer need to snack between meals. Your digestive system will thank you, as during the pause between meals, your intestinal tract can focus on taking in all the nutrients from your earlier meals and get ready for the next round.

Like vegetables, fruits should represent an important pillar of your everyday diet. Ideally, you could plan to eat some fruit between 3 and 4 in the afternoon – this doesn’t count as a snack and so it's no problem to enjoy fruit between meals. Nonetheless, it's important to avoid eating fruit immediately following one of your main meals; instead, plan to wait for at least an hour after your mealtime.

Sometime later in the afternoon you can spoil your body and indulge in a very special energising drink. To make it, mix a teaspoon of curcuma powder, a tablespoon of ginger juice, a half teaspoon of black pepper and a half teaspoon of organic honey from your region. Stir it all together well, and then add as much hot water as you like. Take the time to enjoy this uncomplicated energy booster for your immune system.

Be social and enjoy the company of positive people

As you'll likely be doing a lot for other people, it's also important to make time for yourself during the day. One option is to take at least 30 minutes or an hour in the evening and spend time doing something you enjoy…something that you find fulfilling. This could be some kind of physical activity, making something with your hands, reading, writing or creating some sort of art: intentionally plan out time for your interests and hobbies. This will fill you with happiness, make you feel more balanced and help you to relax.

In the evening you can also provide your body with even more culinary benefits in the form of a light meal. Ideally you should finish your last meal of the day by no later than 6 in the evening, and once again include enough positive phyto-chemicals, which are contained in fresh vegetables and wild herbs.

In addition to eating well during the day and creating some relaxing daily structure for yourself, enriching social contact is of immense importance for our well-being. In recent years, many studies have shown that people who have a functional network of family and friends also enjoy a boost in terms of their physical health, including a better working immune system. To encourage such relationships in your own life, you can consciously try to plan to do things like keeping an evening free for time with a good friend once a week. Make the time positive for you both and really relish its importance. You can of course also find time for socialising during the day: How about a stimulating conversation with a neighbor or someone you work with? The idea is to exchange information, find out something new, or simply enjoy a good laugh together.

Last but not least, make sure that you sleep deeply and wake rejuvenated

To make a relaxing start for your tomorrow a reality, it's naturally very important to get some high quality, restful sleep. Sleeping well is a relatively easy way to support your body. Approximately an hour before you go to bed, you can make a soothing tea for yourself. Depending on personal preference, you might choose ginger tea or fennel tea. If you would like to get your body ready for the night ahead, you can also reach for an infusion with lavender flowers. In order to get enough sleep before midnight, we recommend that you go to bed before 10 at night. If you do these things, it will be easier for you to wake up the next day just before 6.

With the help of these tips, you'll be able to enjoy relaxing and wonderful winter full of energy. If you would like to do one more thing for your immune system, our Holler-Vulkan with the pure power of organically grown elderberries is the right choice!

It just takes a click to find out all about Holler Vulkan in our online shop:

Holler Vulkan

We would like to wish you a pleasant autumn day…we'll be sure to have more useful information for you next week!

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