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The Vital Importance of Enzymes
(16.12.2019) back
Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day for a long and healthy life
Fresh fruit and vegetables provide your body with important enzymes
Bentovital is especially rich in enzymes thanks to the carefully dried barley grass that it contains
Bentovital contains barley grass, which is especially high in enzymes – the intense green colour makes this clear to see

Enzymes are substances that are essential for life – they maintain our vitality. There are between 3,000 and 5,000 different known enzymes, although it's likely that there are many more. Without enzymes, our bodies could not make use of the nutrients in the foods we eat…even if we only ate high quality foods. This means that we would not be able to keep up with our everyday lives.

In a nutshell, enzymes are protein substances that act as biological catalysts. They take part in every process in our bodies: heartbeat, breathing, digestion, using nutrients, eliminating waste, thinking and even feeling are all body functions that are dependent on enzymes. If plants did not have enzymes, they would not be able to sprout from seeds, grow, produce leaves, make flowers, produce fruit or provide nourishment. Simply put, without enzymes there would be no life.

Life is not possible without enzymes!

In general, enzymes can be divided up into digestive enzymes that take part in digestion and the utilisation of nutrients, and metabolic enzymes that make use of nutrients in various ways, converting them into the energy we need to live. A certain amount of enzymes are stored in our bodies, although this reserve supply can be quickly depleted by poor living habits.

If you live in a way that results in your enzymes being used up, the body loses its capacity to digest and properly use the nutrients in the food you eat, and the cells lose their ability to regenerate. This leads to a speeding up of the aging process and a greater likelihood of illness – to put it plainly, your natural vitality is weakened. 

What can you do to avoid using up your reserve of enzymes? How can you regularly supply your body with new enzymes?

The answer is simple enough: Avoid living in a way that is harmful to your health, including a poor diet, lacking physical activity, too much stress, insufficient sleep and other bad habit like smoking or overindulging in caffeine, sugar and alcohol. An of course, make sure the your body gets enough enzymes. This is not at all difficult to accomplish – just make sure that you eat enough fruit and vegetables, and also drink water throughout the day.

As another possibility for providing your body with high-quality enzymes, consider using Bentovital from fangocur. It contains barley grass that has been dried gently, without heat, making it especially rich in healthy enzymes. You'll notice this as our Bentovital drink has a  distinctively green colour.

Make sure that you're always topped up with healthy enzymes and support the anti-aging process at the same time.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, ideally about an hour before you eat a big meal, and drink Bentovital. Bentovital is all-natural and high in quality, and it contains enzyme-rich barley grass. It helps to regulate your digestive system, and at the same time it provides your body with a good amount of the enzymes your body needs.

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Source: Dr. Hiromi Shinya, The Rejuvenation Enzyme: Reverse Ageing, Revitalize Cells, Restore Vigor, 2012.


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