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Looking Better – Some Simple Tips
(23.12.2019) back
Only skin that is soft and pink radiates beauty and health
Glowing and beautiful skin with good circulation is a sign of high sexual attractiveness
Use a fangocur mineral mask and even the smallest blood vessels will be well supplied with blood
The mineral masks from fangocur result in improved circulation in the skin via the capillary effect

Aside from a person's body weight, i.e. one's figure or physique, body odour and the appearance of the skin play a large role in one's sexual appeal. In particular, the complexion is very important in terms of attractiveness. Bad skin or a pale complexion is evidence of an unhealthy lifestyle, and moreover such a lack of radiance equates to lower attractiveness in the eyes of others. Today we'll be telling you about how you can use some simple methods to help you reach new levels of beauty, thus making you more attractive to others.

Before we let you know about how simple it can be to have a healthier and more attractive complexion, we would like to explain the causes of pale or tired-looking skin.

Insufficient blood flow in the skin result in pale, tired-looking skin

The skin colour of someone who is sick is often pale, or even bluish grey. Such a blue-grey tint is the result of an insufficient supply of oxygen-rich blood in the more superficial layers of the skin. For those with darker complexions, if there is poor circulation then the skin can look tired or dull.

When the red blood cells in the arteries and capillaries (the tiniest blood vessels) are rich in oxygen, then they naturally have a bright red appearance. Red blood cells appear bluish once they have delivered oxygen to body parts like the brain, liver, lungs and skin. This is the reason that the veins, which transport the blood back to the lungs to pick up more oxygen, appear red. An easy place to see this effect is in your lower arms.

An impairment in blood flow leads to a decrease in the actual number of cells present in the blood vessels and arteries, which results in a more pale appearance. If blood circulation is poor, the red cells also remain in the capillaries for a greater amount of time, where they lose their red colour and give the skin that blue-green tint. This sign of insufficient blood flow is especially apparent in the skin on the face – to others it looks unhealthy, and relatedly it appears unattractive.

What can you do to increase blood flow in your skin and thus increase your attractiveness?

The greatest positive effect can be achieved through eating a healthy diet that is plant-based and low in fat. Fatty foods have been shown to negatively impact one's circulation, and moreover this effect can last for around 6 hours. The blood becomes thicker, thus reducing the speed at which it can flow.

Another very important thing that you can do is spend time outside in the fresh air and engage in some physical activity. This loads your blood with oxygen, which is then transported to all parts of your body. This effect only becomes lasting if you get some exercise regularly.

How can you make your complexion appear more attractive?

Even if you take steps right now to improve your eating habits and you incorporate physical activity into your routine, it will take some time before the smallest blood vessels in your face are once again well-supplied with blood. You'll have quick results with one of our natural mineral masks. The healing clay contained in the masks increase the so-called capillary effect in even the smallest vessels in the face. For this reason, you only need to apply a thin layer of mineral mask and leave it on the skin for about 30 minutes. While the mask is drying, it has a contracting action that initiates the capillary effect – to put it another way, it has a drawing effect on the surface layers of the skin, and this in turn stimulates local circulation. In addition, toxins pass out of the skin and are taken up by the mineral mask. After the dried mask is removed, the complexion is pink and soft due to the now sufficient circulation in the skin as well as the deep cleaning and detoxification. In some stubborn cases, the skin can even appear a bit red after using a fangocur mineral mask…this too is only a sign of increased circulation. The skin will quickly also change to a healthy soft pink shade, and for those with darker skin, the skin takes on a naturally fresh appearance.

The fangocur mineral masks restore full circulation in the skin and make you more attractive immediately:

Acne Mineral Mask
for spots, pimples, black heads and skin problems related to acne or rosacea

Curative Mineral Mask
for dermatological conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis

Relax Mineral Mask
for oily skin

Revitalizing Mineral Mask
for dry or pale skin

Anti-Aging Mineral Mask
the deluxe mask to slow the aging process

Enhance your appearance through healthy eating, regular physical activity and using our mineral masks!

Source: Dr. John McDougall Newsletter; Food, Sex and Attractiveness (The Role of Skin and Body Odor)


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