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No Chance for Colds and Flu
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Start treating your cough, sore throat and voice loss right away
Sicknesses like the common cold are annoying and can be difficult to treat, but if you start when the first symptoms appear you can reduce the time that you're not feeling well
Bentoforte is the natural remedy for cough, sore throat and sniffles
Bentoforte a quick and natural remedy for coughing, throat pain and runny nose
Bentoforte is also suitable as an inhallation
You can also make an inhalation with Bentoforte to help with a runny nose – the micro-fine particles of healing clay, sea salt crystals and essential oils can be breathed in as steam

Coughing and throat pain are often the first signs that a cold or flu is on the way. When this happens, it's important to take action quickly in order to stop the infection in its tracks. If you're struggling with a flu or the common cold, perhaps with a runny nose as well, then the tips for today will be all the more useful to you.

Coughing, sore throat and hoarseness are signs that a cold or flue is developing. If you allow the process to continue, it will eventually become more chronic and more difficult to fight. The earlier you do something about your cold or flu, the quicker the symptoms will subside. We recommend that you start using all-natural Bentoforte when you first notice any symptoms.

Bentoforte from fangocur contains three natural remedies that provide quick and dependable relief:

  1. The renowned fango healing clay, which contains sulphur – an anti-inflammatory
  2. Natural sea salt crystals, which are anti-microbial and help to eliminate germs and bacteria
  3. Natural essential oils that help to sooth mucous membranes

Bentoforte should be in every medicine cabinet

It is very important to start using Bentoforte as soon as you notice that you're getting sick, for example if you develop a sore throat or a cough. If you take action in time, you can avoid worsening symptoms. This is why it's a good idea to always have Bentoforte on hand – if you always have Bentoforte in your medicine chest, you'll be able to start fighting that cold or flu quickly before it really takes hold. You'll experience relief shortly after you start using it. Scratchy or sore throat as well as hoarseness can be quickly and reliably eliminated. Moreover, Bentoforte can also be helpful if the infection has progressed and you already have a runny nose or head congestion.

Using Bentoforte for cough, sore throat and hoarseness

Use Bentoforte as needed, ideally at least twice per day, until the symptoms disappear completely. Simply add one heaping teaspoon of Bentoforte to a glass of lukewarm water (about 1/8 litre). Rinse your mouth and gargle, then spit out the Bentoforte drink. Repeat this process until the glass is empty.

fangocur TIP: You can also swallow a small amount of Bentoforte. In contrast to common gargling solutions, Bentoforte also addresses inflammation deep in the throat in a targeted way.

Using Bentoforte for sniffles, runny nose and nasal congestion

Bentoforte is useful as an inhalation (1 tablespoon powder in about a litre of hot water) and you can also mix in your favourite natural herbs if you like. The micro-fine healing clay particles along with the sea salt crystals and essential oils help to soothe the mucous membranes of your nose via the steam.

Order Bentoforte now so that you're ready at the first sign of a cold!

fangocur Bentoforte

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