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Therapeutic Joint Oil from Dr. Lanz
(20.01.2020) back
Dr. Eduard Lanz developed ArthroDisc Joint Oil
Dr. Eduard Lanz, internationally renowned orthopaedist and sports physician, is the developer of this unique oil
This unique oil from Dr. Lanz helps with muscle, joint and vertebral disc problems
The joint oil from Dr. Lanz delivers relief from muscle and joint complaints as well as spinal disc problems

The therapeutic ArthroDisc Joint Oil from Dr. Lanz is recommended for anyone who suffers with inflammatory conditions, including joint problems, spinal disc issues and muscle discomfort.

The natural Joint Oil from Dr. Lanz offers a plethora of applications! 

This therapeutic oil is an effective remedy for joint wear and tear as well as inflammatory processes like arthritis and muscular tension. It does this by reducing inflammation and swelling while at the same time encouraging proper joint function.

Using ArthroDisc Joint oil is incredibly easy. Simply apply it to the affected area with your fingertips, then massage it in with small circular movements. This results in an increase in circulation as the contents of the oil start to work through the skin. After applying the oil, relax and enjoy the feeling of the oil taking effect. We recommend using it daily for 7 days, then apply the oil once or twice per week to maintain the effect and achieve your goals.

The contents of the therapeutic oil are 100% natural and of the highest quality

Frankincense oil: Frankincense is an aromatic resin with anti-inflammatory effects – this oil was even put to use by ancient Egyptians. In 1991, the low-pH Boswelia resin contained in ArthroDisc Joint Oil was thoroughly analysed and has been scientifically proven to be effective against inflammatory conditions.

Almond oil: The classic skincare oil for sensitive and dry skin is typically used in baby oil because it gently nourishes the skin. The effects are equally useful in addressing skin conditions and lessening the signs of aging.

Black caraway seed oil: This oil helps to alleviate allergic reactions as well as providing relief for dermatitis and psoriasis. It is generally useful for regulating the skin's immune function.

Coconut oil: It has both a moisturising and cooling effect.

Sesame oil:
This is an important foundation oil used in natural skincare products.

Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant and it is effective against premature aging of the skin, for example wrinkles, as well as wounds that are not healing properly.

It goes without saying that ArthroDisc Joint Oil is free of artificial additives like colouring or preserving agents.

Try the unique oil from ArthroDisc now…you'll be amazed!

ArthroDisc Joint Oil 250ml

ArthroDisc Joint Oil - 2x250ml (save money when you order two)

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