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Breathing Exercises to Stop the Ageing Process
(15.11.2021) back
Breathing more freely makes you feel good, clears your head and improves your mood
Do the breathing exercises once every day and you'll be amazed with how quickly you can restore and increase your lung volume
Breathe slowly and increase your lung volume
The exercises are even more effective if you do them outdoors, or simply open a window and let the fresh air into your lungs

Would you like to know about an effective protocol for rejuvenation and healing? Then get ready for a "breathing workout". With only a bit of practice, you can become stronger while slowing down the ageing process of your lungs.

With every year of our lives, the volume of the lungs shrinks a little, specifically in the area in which oxygen exchange takes place. This area becomes smaller and smaller, which above all affects your mental function, for example the speed of your thought processes and your mood. The largest relative lung volume, i.e. in comparison to the size of a person's body, is that of a four year old. Once one reaches 24 years of age, the lung volume has already been decreasing little by little, and by the time you are 50 years old the volume will fall to half. That number drops to a third by time you're 60.

That means that those of us who have already passed the age of 24 have to take action and work on improving the usable volume of our lungs: Doing breathing exercises every day – ideally before the workday starts – could take the form of a 30-minute walk in the fresh air. It is in precisely this way that you can invigorate your body in a multitude of ways. After your morning walk, for example, you'll arrive at work with a clear head and a good mood, and you'll get a lot more done than you would with a cloudy head…one that needs an endless supply of coffee ;-)

As we are assuming that it might be difficult for you to go for a walk regularly, we're going to explain how breathing exercises work. The only thing that you have to do is count and breath. You do have to follow a strict protocol, though. The exercises have three parts, and you can read about them below.

1. Expanding your inhale

The first thing to do is stand up, if possible next to an open window – even better would be going outside in the fresh air, for example in a park. You'll be lifting your arms to the side, drawing a circle with your hands. At the count of "1", you start to inhale while raising your arms. When you reach "8" as you count, you stop breathing in and stop raising your arms. Pause for a moment, holding your breath. Then exhale in a relaxed way while you lower your arms back to your sides. The movement of your arms helps to maximize the stretching effect in your lungs, and your spine also lengthens. Next time you do the exercise, count to 10 as you raise your arms. Progress to 12, 14 and so on. If you regularly perform this exercise, you'll be starting out with a count of 20…and you'll continue up to 32 in steps of 2. Take care to do the exercise slowly and don't push yourself too hard.

2. Holding your breath

Now we come to the second part of the exercise. Breath in gently while you raise your arms to the sides, and once your arms are above your head, hold your breath as you count from 1 to 8. Breath out in a relaxed way while you lower your arms to your sides. Then do it again, but this time hold your breath for a count of 10, 12 and beyond, in the same way you progressed through repetitions in the first exercise.

3. Expanding your exhale

For the third part of the breathing exercise, gently breath in (and once again, you move your arms up to the side). Hold your breath for just a moment, then start to exhale as you lower your arms to the side. Count "1" as you begin your exhale, and with "8" you're finished. Then up your count as you did for the other exercises. After a few weeks, you'll be starting at a count of 20 and going all the way up to 32.

Practice the three parts of this exercise regularly, fill your body with fresh air, and in just a short time you'll be feeling better and more physically fit. It's okay to adjust the exercises a bit depending on your specific needs, but be sure to keep it up for 10 weeks. It truly will work wonders.

Source: Mirsakarim Norbekov, Neue Eselsweisheiten: Wie man seinen inneren störrischen Esel überlistet, im richtigen Moment mit den Hufen scharrt und gnadenlos entspannt (in German), Goldmann Publishing, 2nd edition, 2016. With his book on "donkey wisdom", Mirsakarim Norbekov, the Russian success philosopher, once again made an impression on his huge fan base. In his well-known provocative way, he addresses different areas of life like our natural lack of willpower, nutrition, relaxation, relationships and sex.

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