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Looking to boost your energy?
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Shower cold in the morning, or rub your skin with a cool damp towel
Exposing your skin to cold water increases circulation, and that in turn activates the vitamin D in your body
Hot water in the morning makes your body stronger
Drink a glass of hot water in the morning – doing so quickly regulates the water balance in your body

There's something you can do that naturally adds to your youthfulness and vitality, and it's so easy to do it every day. Today we'll be letting you know about two very simple tips that should bring about some wonderful changes in your life. Be sure not to ignore these ideas just because they're so simple and easy to add to your daily routine.

The Russian success philosopher Mirsakarim Norbekov has come up with two important healthy tips for us, and you can make use of them every day to revitalize your body.

  1. Shower cold in the morning, for at least part of your shower. If that strikes you as a little too extreme for the first part of your day, then you can start out by using a damp towel to apply cool water to your skin.
  2. After or during your shower, you should moisturise your skin…without fail. You can either use a natural and gentle lotion or you can use one of our Mineral Soaps in the shower. Doing this will prevent your skin from drying out afterwards.

So what does that have to do with Viagra?

Doing these two things – showering cold or at least applying cold water to your skin with a damp towel, and then moisturising your skin – will make you look much younger. You'll notice the positive effects immediately as you'll look more vital and full of energy. This is how Norbekov puts it: "A cold morning shower has the same effect as a kilogram of Viagra for 90 per cent of men." ;-)

Cold water also activates the vitamin D in your body, which is especially important during the cold winter months.

A special extra tip that we don't want you to do without

Drink a glass of hot water in the morning. You read that right: hot water, but obviously not too hot – it should still be comfortable to drink. The warm water passes to your bladder more quickly, and you don't waste your internal energy to warm up the water. This is a quick way to  regulate the water balance in your body.

Source: Mirsakarim Norbekov, New Donkey Wisdom, Goldmann Publishing, 2016.

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