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A Bit of Movement Is Very Beneficial
(16.03.2020) back
Now is the time to start your day with gentle joint movements
Start the day with gentle, easy movements of every joint – it takes a few minutes, but the effect is astounding
Open all of your windows in the morning so that your lungs can take in some fresh air
Open a window and let the fresh air in as you take some deep breaths
If you have even more time, ass some gentle stretching to your routine
After you mobilise your joints, you can add some simple stretching movements if you like

One often hears the recommendation that regular physical activity is important if you want to be healthy. This advice is good, but people often forget that even a little bit of challenge for your body can be very beneficial. In today's newsletter, we'll be informing you about how even a small amount of movement can be helpful when it comes to your good health.

It's not a matter of always doing the most strenuous exercises at the gym. An everyday morning routine is at least as valuable, and you can read more about it here.

Here's how to get maximal benefit from just a little movement

Get out of bed early in the morning and start the day with some very simple stretching movements for your arms and legs. Lay with your back flat on the floor, ideally on some kind of soft mat if you have one, and start to gently move your feet at the ankle – the idea is to increase mobility. Start by making foot circles on the left, and then do the right side. Take it easy and don't strain yourself…you know you're doing it right if it feels good. Next mobilise your knee joints and hips in the same way, so make circles at the joint you are focusing on and try to make use of the full range of motion. Let your feelings guide you, and you can decide for yourself exactly how you want to do the exercises. The only goal is doing something that's good for you. You should never feel pain, and the movements should never be too strenuous.

Next you do the same thing with your wrist joints and elbows. You can softly close your eyes if you like and really focus all of your attention on how each individual movement feels. Next do your shoulders, but this time be especially careful to not make the circles too large. Make smaller shoulder movements, and then when you feel ready you can increase the size of the circles. Remember to pay attention to your movement and avoid doing anything painful. Think gentle. Finally, add some soft neck movements. After you finish the sequence, your entire body should feel good and topped up with energy.

Some additional things to keep in mind when doing your exercises

Before you do the exercises, open a window and let some fresh air in. In this way, you can replace the air that you've exhaled throughout the night with fresh air for your lungs. Breathe in and out deeply. You might do some soft stretching movements after you've completed the joint mobilisation outlined above – the goal is improving your overall circulation and getting the lymph moving. You will feel for yourself what exercises are best for your body. Once again, let your body guide you in all your movements.

After all the exercises, or during the exercises if you like, you should drink .5 or .75 litres of lukewarm water. Afterwards you can eat some fruit, and then wait 30 to 40 minutes before you start eating breakfast. You can also simply wait to eat breakfast until you're feeling very hungry.

Simply wake up 30 minutes earlier, and avoid missing any days

Take some time for yourself in the morning and start the day with these simple exercises to mobilise your joints. The benefits will last all day long! By doing the exercises consistently, you'll be training the range of motion of all your joints in a way that is both gentle and easy to do. This is a significant contribution that you can make in order to maintain the functionality of your joints as you age.

Sources: Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Living Without Disease; Dr. Mirsakarim Norbekov, New Donkey Wisdom

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