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The Art of Being Unwell
(23.03.2020) back
It's possible to maintain your health as you age
Aging and remaining healthy are becoming more and more mutually exclusive
The lymphatic system plays an important role in the body's immune response
The body's lymphatic system is a branched network of thin channels – it plays an important role in your immune response through the transport of white blood cells

You read that right: there really is an art to making your body unhealthy, although there are of course exceptions. You can do damage to your body for years, or even decades, without developing any signs of having any serious health problems. Your body manages to use every trick in the book to keep you healthy. The truth is that it is actually not so easy to lead a life that makes your body sick.

You can smoke for 30 to 50 years, or maybe even throughout your entire life, without developing lung cancer. High alcohol consumption only shows its negative effects on the body after many decades. The body adapts to poor eating habit for a very long time, so things like diabetes, heart disease and stroke tend to first appear in the second half of life. The effects of long-term stress can also be masked by our bodies for quite a while. It is unbelievable – our bodies use so many sophisticated means to keep us feeling healthy for so long, even though we put so much strain on it.

It often takes some time before our bodies show signs of illness

This is why making significant positive changes is so important. It really can take quite a few years of stressing the body before the damage is so severe that chronic symptoms or disease become apparent. The body has a sophisticated repair system – it's capable of protecting us from disease for many years…and it can even do a lot to make us appear healthy when we're not:

  • A perfectly tuned immune system fights unwanted intruders like viruses and bacteria. Lymphocytes and leukocytes in a variety of forms are our natural defense system.
  • The cells have an inherent protection mechanism that ensures that unhealthy cells die on their own and are replaced with new cells. The body also has its own way of identifying and destroying pathogens – it's called autophagy.
  • Almost every cell in our body undergoes regular renewal. For example, skin cells are replaced every few days, every blood cell has a lifespan of around four months, and the lining of the stomach is regenerated every week or so. Even the our skeletons are completely renewed at least every ten years.
  • Even our mental state, worldview and sense of well-being influence the makeup of our bodies. Positive beliefs can move mountains, as the placebo effect is one of the most powerful mechanisms for healing our bodies. It is responsible for many so-called miracle cures.

Today we have an urgent recommendation for you: don't be lulled into a sense of security and wait until the body is no longer capable of compensating for your poor living habits. Take a close look at how you're living and be proactive about maintaining and improving your health.

You need to look at how you live in terms of the areas listed below – the most important part is doing something to make improvements:

  • Nutrition: Is your body weight within normal limits, so no belly fat or fat in any other "problem zones"? Do you try to eat only quality plant-based foods? Are your cholesterol levels okay (total cholesterol below 150 mg/dl; LDL cholesterol under 100 mg/dl)?
  • Stress: Are you always under stress? Do you feel satisfied and happy? Do you have a sense of purpose and do you pursue goals that bring you joy?
  • Exercise: Do you regularly engage in physical activity (at least 3 times per week, ideally every day)? Do you regularly work up a sweat while working out? Are you doing things to improve your cardiovascular health and make yourself stronger?
  • Relationships: Does your life include regular social contact with friends? Are you happy with your partner, including how you treat each other as well as your sex life? Do you like going to work, regardless what your job is? Do you remember to take time for yourself?
  • Personal development: Are you working on being a better you? Do you read books that help you to improve? Are you actively creating a satisfying and balanced life for yourself? Do you take responsibility for your life, or are you the victim of external circumstances?
  • Spiritual development: Does life make sense to you? Have you given yoga or meditation a try? Do you believe in the power of your own thoughts? Are you a positive thinker or a pessimist?

Clearly if you are experiencing acute symptoms, then you should consult with a physician. Follow their advice, whether that be a change in your behavior or taking medication. The main goal here is quickly taking care of the condition and getting your health back on track.

If you are noticing any health problems now, our website can help:

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You should not always be relying on medications to address acute symptoms that you are experiencing – the same is true for our natural, high quality healthcare products. Always keep an eye on how your are living, and try to always make good decision for your body, mind and spirit.

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