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Stronger Immune System Now
(06.04.2020) back
Improve your intestinal function strengthens your immune response
A healthy lower digestive system protects us from viruses and bacteria because the intestinal tract contains more immune cells than anywhere else in the body
Raw or cooked vegetables are beneficial to your digestive system health
Load your diet with as many vegetables as possible – fibre helps to maintain good intestinal health

Now it's more important than ever to ensure that your immune system is working well. By doing the right combination of things, you can reduce the likelihood of contracting a virus. Take action now and improve your body's immune defenses.

The most important metabolic process in the entire body is closely connected to the digestive system. The body has to constantly be supplied with water and nutrients for the cells. First off, this means providing the cells with energy, and second, water and nutrients are needed to replace cells when they reach the end of their lifespans. We're always making new cells. This is why the digestive system forms the foundation of our lives in general. If it's not working well, then we're more prone to develop problems specifically related to the digestive system, and we're also more vulnerable to viral infections.

Good intestinal function is crucial for our immune system and physical vitality!

Two thirds of our immune cells – the cells that protect our bodies from viruses and bacteria – are found in the intestinal tract. If the digestive system is working poorly, both our immunity and energy levels suffer. This can lead to long-term negative health consequences. The following tips provide you with some simple things that you can do to improve your intestinal function and strengthen your immune system:

  • Aim for a high quality, plant-based diet. To the extent possible, try to avoid eating animal products – limit the amount of meat, fish, milk, dairy products, eggs, animal fats and fatty foods that you consume. Also avoid sugar and foods made with white flour.
  • Make sure that you are drinking enough water (or herbal tea). Limit your coffee intake, or avoid it entirely. Don't drink alcohol, and also avoid sugary drinks as well as carbonated drinks in general.
  • Include a rich variety of vegetables in your diet, either cooked or raw.
  • Eat a good amount of fruit, ideally two servings every day between your main meals.

Here are some additional things you can do to up your body's immune response many times over:

  • Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Be sure to thoroughly chew every bite.
  • Shower cold in the morning in make your immune system stronger. Another option is alternating between warm and cold water.
  • Get some fresh air, and engage regularly in physical activity.
  • Think positive, and try to focus on positive things in order to improve your mood. Be sure that you're getting enough quality sleep.
  • Use Bentomed to help regulate your digestive function. In addition to our healing clay, it also contains chlorophyll-rich barley grass to both strengthen your digestive system and provide your cells with the highest quality nutrients.
  • If your digestive system is already doing well, then Bentovital is more suitable for you as it contains an especially high concentration of barley grass to provide your body with nutrients and keep your intestinal tract working well.
  • In the morning and evening, gargle with Bentoforte to keep your mouth and throat healthy. It's a good way to fight any bacteria or viruses early on.
  • Our popular Holler Vulcan drink contains a high dose of polyphenols to mobilise your immune system.

Order our products now and strengthen your immune system:

Bentomed - for digestive complaints and better intestinal health: Order here!

Bentovital - provides nutrients and helps to maintain intestinal health: Order here!

Bentoforte - for a healthy mouth and throat: Order here!

Holler Vulkan - with polyphenols to boost your immune system: Order here!

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