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You Are the Placebo
(27.04.2020) back
Use the placebo effect by envisioning your own good health and positive well-being
Take a break from hectic everyday life – relax and focus on positive things
Emotions and thoughts have an effect on our health and well-being
Using EEG to measure brain waves, scientists have been able to examine the effects of thoughts and feelings on health and well-being
Make time to meditate every day
Take time out every now and then for a short meditation session – try to consciously focus your thoughts on feeling good

Are you already using the placebo effect for your own health. If you're not, then it's time you start. In recent years, it's become more and more apparent that the mind has a significant effect on the body, moreover it can very positively influence our health. Neuroscientists have even recently proven how well this works.

The connection between thoughts and health – science has the answers

Our emotions do more than directly affecting our current mood – they can also be determined by checking in with the brain itself. In this context, EEG investigations are very helpful. If a patient is trapped in a negative emotional state, or preoccupied with worry, then very clear beta waves are commonly present. In principle, beta waves are also a good thing as they show that the brain is ready to do work and that our ability to think is active. Nonetheless, when our thoughts excessively centre on our fears, anxiety and emergencies that we may encounter, then this brain frequency also becomes more pronounced, which in turn is generally not beneficial to our well-being. For a pleasant emotional state accompanied by greater creativity and relaxation, alpha brain waves are very important because they are responsible for the connection between our conscious thoughts and our intuition. Greater theta and delta wave concentrations go along with feelings of calmness and equanimity.

How can one increase the likelihood of producing positive brain waves?

Alpha waves can above all be present (and recorded) when something exciting happens, for example – one could also find more alpha waves when we experience a flash of inspiration and our minds are bursting with creative thoughts. The are also more prevalent when we are picking up a new skill and putting it to use. Experiences like this cause new networks of nerves to form, having the effect of a kind of reorganization of the nerve connections in the brain. In such moments, we are "in the flow" of whatever we're doing, and it's a bit like everything is happening without our doing anything. When we find ourselves in such a situation, there are also more theta waves present, and feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and oxytocin are released. According to a 2017 study, our capacity for concentration increases to almost 5 times normal when this happens, while creativity is doubled and our productivity increases by up to 500%.

You can train flow states

Once we find out that such mental states lead to positive physical effects, then the question really becomes how can one try to reproduce these conditions as often as possible.

The good news is that this is absolutely possible! One well-proven way is meditation and awareness training, and this has even been clinically proven to be effective. This method primarily leads to greater relaxation, and if combined with the conscious utilisation of positive affirmations and visualization, it can also support our long-term physical health.


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