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A Delicious Way to Lose Weight and Improve Liver Health
(29.03.2021) back
Rolled oats are healthy, help with weight loss, and detoxify the liver
It might be difficult to believe, but in a study rolled oat were shown to have unbelievable health effects
Oat meal: weight loss and liver detox
Start the day with oatmeal and fruit, and enjoy the many health benefits

In recent years carbohydrates have been receiving a lot of negative press, some even recommending avoiding carbs completely. Let's remember that our cells require fuel to convert energy – that makes cutting out carbs an absurd idea. Regularly consuming good carbohydrates doesn't lead to weight gain, in fact just the opposite is true: quality carbohydrates are helpful when it comes to losing weight. There's even one particular carbohydrate-rich food that's been proven to be especially effective in this regard.

All carbohydrates are not the same – whole grain is the key

Just as the word "vegetables" represents an umbrella category for a diverse palette of different foods we can eat, the same is also true for carbohydrates. For this reason, it's difficult to talk about carbohydrates in general terms because there are simply so many different kinds: from potatoes to squash, and of course all the different grain varieties. Each and every one of these carbohydrates has its own special composition, and thus each one has a unique combination of characteristics.

It was proven in a study that whole grain foods can reduce the risk of certain chronic disease-related conditions, whereas refined grains in the form of white flour resulted in an increased risk. As a fundamental takeaway from these findings, we recommend the consumption of products that contain whole grains. We would like to highlight one of these grains in greater detail below as it has been proven to be particularly beneficial for our health.

Healthy oats – both weight loss and liver cleansing

As mentioned above, every kind of grain has it's own characteristics, and these yield different effects on our bodies when we eat them. In this regard, oats are in a very special position indeed. Here's one reason why: a study was conducted in 2013 that included overweight men and women, and it was shown that the group who ate oatmeal experienced a significant decline in liver inflammation. It also turned out that 90% of these study participants reported a marked loss in weight. This phenomenon did not occur in the control group of people who did not consume oats.

Test it for yourself for 30 days – lose weight and detoxify your liver

Incorporate the results of this research into your daily routine, ideally starting tomorrow, and continue for the next 30 days: eat warm and delicious oatmeal every day. Depending on your preferences, you can cook it with water, rice milk or oat milk (do not use cow milk or other dairy products). Next add some stewed apple or pear slices if you like, or even berries. Other ideas include figs or dates – both make wonderful additions to your oatmeal. Then, while you eat your breakfast, you should really focus on the amazing taste combination that you've created…and keep in mind that this simple pleasure is helping you to lose weight while at the same time strengthening your liver!

Source: Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone,  How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, Flatiron Books, 2015

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