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For Maximum Health Benefits, Prepare this Vegetable with Care
(11.10.2021) back
Broccoli has been proven to be healthy in medical research
Broccoli is among the most healthy and most researched vegetables
Broccoli has to be prepared properly
Broccoli should either be cut up 40 minutes before cooking or mixed with some raw broccoli before eating
It's best to eat broccoli every day
Broccoli is extremely good for you, and you should be eating it daily

Crispy, green, and full of energy: use it in a soup, as a side dish or to decorate a salad. Broccoli is very versatile, and it supports our body in a number of ways. Today you'll be learning why broccoli is so healthy. Also, there's something that you absolutely have to keep in mind when preparing broccoli to ensure that you maximize its healthy benefits.

Cruciferae - a powerful botanical family

Like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage, broccoli is a kind of cruciferous vegetable. It is a well-known and much loved side dish – this vegetable is a positive addition to any meal. In addition, more and more modern research is focusing on its special health benefits.

It has actually been proven that the regular consumption of crucifers, primarily broccoli, has positive effects on the immune system. One example is the reduction of allergy-related inflammation of the nasal mucosa. It also improves vision and protects our brain cells. It can slow the growth of cancer cells and at the same time strengthen the body's connective tissue. These health-promoting benefits also extend to the health of the lower digestive system, which is in turn beneficial to the effectiveness of the immune system. It's clear to see that all in all, the versatility of this vegetable is only the beginning of its uses, as it obviously also does so much to encourage good health.

Trouble-free, gentle liver detox

Broccoli can also be used to gently cleanse the liver…this effect has even been proven in medical research. During the study, the presence of carcinogens in the urine of participants was regularly checked after they consumed a meal including pan-fried meat. To make a valid comparison possible, next the very same study subjects added something to the meals they had not been eating in the first part of the study: three cups of broccoli mixed with Brussels sprouts. Although they were eating the same amount of meat, and thus precisely the same amount of carcinogens, the level of carcinogens in their urine in the second part of the study was markedly lower. These results are further evidence that the vegetables in the Cruciferae family can support the detoxification that the liver provides.

The magic is the sulphoraphane – you have to prepare your food in a special way for it to work!

So what is it about broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables that makes them so good for our health? The greatest contributor to their beneficial effects is the sulphoraphanes that they contain. To get the most of this substance, it's ideal to cut the broccoli and let it sit at room temperature for 40 minutes before you continue with meal preparation. If you do this, you can increase the sulphoraphane content in the food you eat as the active ingredient will not be rendered less effective by the heating of the vegetable in water.

If you're running low on time and can't wait 40 minutes before cooking your broccoli, you can still increase the sulphoraphane content after cooking – simply add some uncooked cruciferous vegetables to the broccoli that you've already cooked. For example you could sprinkle on some mustard powder or some chopped raw kale. Naturally you can also simply add some uncooked broccoli florets to the portion that you've already cooked.

Source: Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone,  How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, Flatiron Books, 2015

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