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Natural Health with the Power of Coral
(15.06.2020) back
Okinawa is the Japanese island of centenarians
Okinawa, the Japanese island of centenarians, is the model natural environment and the source of our Sango Sea Coral
Sango Sea Coral is especially high in quality, simultaneously helping to balance the body's pH and supplying minerals
Sango Sea Coral in powder form is uniquely pure in quality and a must for everyone who would like to stay healthy – it helps the body to maintain the proper pH balance while at the same time providing essential minerals and trace elements

Wouldn't it be ideal if you could find a natural way to maintain the acid-base balance in the body as well as supply the body with all of the minerals that it needs? Our new Sango Sea Coral can perfectly fulfil both of these wishes. Today you'll learn all about the unique coral from the Japanese island where people commonly reach the ripe-old age of one hundred.

The white gold of Japan – the ideal mix of minerals for everday!

The island of Okinawa in the south of Japan is, among other things, well know for the surprising fact that a good number of centenarians live there. A reason for this situation is a substantial value placed on harmony with nature, for example the way the inhabitants of the island incorporate this idea into their everyday diets. One aspect of this is the use of so-called sango coral. It can be dissolved in water and made into a pleasant drink. Of more than 2,500 kind of corals studied, this type alone has the best bioavailability for the human body, in that 99% of the contents can be well absorbed.

A body in balance – proper pH is the foundation of good health

Sango Sea Coral contains more than 70 minerals and trace elements, among them potassium, sodium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, sulphur, calcium and magnesium. In our modern world, it's becoming more and more apparent that these trace elements are important both in the maintenance as well as the restoration of physical health. In order to ensure that your body can absorb what it needs, healthy pH and and detoxification are crucial, as our cells can only thrive in an environment that is mostly basic, i.e. alkaline. The same is true of many aspects of nature, for example plants cannot grow if the soil is too acidic. A healthy acid-base balance thus has an influence on the health of our entire bodies.

The big advantage of using Sango Sea Coral is this: the combination of minerals it contains is quite similar to that of the human body, which promotes optimal absorption of its natural contents. This heath-promoting potential occurs on a cellular level – the basic foundation of our good health. One important example is the calcium contained in the coral, which the body uses to build healthy bones and thus prevent conditions like osteoporosis.

This coral powder is of the highest possible quality, and its collection is gentle and in no way harmful to the environment. Sango Sea Coral is actually fossilised coral that is millions of years old – no living coral is used. All Sango Sea Coral is moreover thoroughly checked for contaminants and radioactivity. The level of natural quality and absolute cleanliness remains a true wonder.

This basic natural product normalises pH, provides minerals…and it's so easy to use

Sango Sea Coral brings our bodies from a generally more acidic condition to a more basic state, and it provides all of the necessary minerals and trace elements for everyday life. Moreover, it's endlessly simple to add its use to your daily routine. It's recommended to use it three times per day: one scoop (included) dissolved in a glass of lukewarm water. It's best to drink it within a few minutes of preparation.


Do something good for your body and address any excess acidity in your body. It normalises the body's pH, even on a cellular level, and at the same time it provides your body with all of the important minerals that are important for complete health!

Now is the time to supply your body with the best of natural minerals while simultaneously restoring optimal acid-base balance:

Order Sango Sea Coral here!

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