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Why Bacteria Are So Important
(03.08.2020) back
A healthy intestinal tract is essential for maintaining good health
Many kinds of bacteria are active in our digestive system, and you can improve their environment by eating well
Eating fruits and vegetables is the ideal way to promote intestinal health
A plant-based diet helps you to develop an optimal mix of intestinal bacteria

Whenever people hear the word bacteria, some immediately think of dangerous micro-organisms that cause disease. From this perspective, bacteria should be avoided. Nonetheless there is another side to bacteria that is of enormous importance to our health. This is because of the bacteria that live in our intestinal tract, without which our bodies could not not function.

Tiny cells with so much power

In our everyday lives we likely do not devote a lot of thought to the physiological processes of the intestinal system and the fact that the intestines contain countless tiny bacteria. The action of these little cells is not only responsible for the healthy functioning of the digestive system – they also keep the immune system working well. If you think about how immensely important these body systems are, the obvious next step is to take action to keep them in top form.

The numerous strains of bacteria that live in the intestines are responsible for the production of more than two thirds of the body's immune cells, thus ensuring the proper defensive reaction to micro-organisms that might cause us harm. The core message here is clear: if there are sufficient numbers of bacteria within our bodies that make us stronger and promote good health, then the job of protecting the body from bad bacteria as well as viruses becomes easier. On the other hand, physical symptoms can develop if the lower digestive system is out of balance, and moreover the likelihood of falling victim to common infections grows. Given this information, it's obvious that maintaining good intestinal health has to be part of any long-term health goals we have.

Small steps to improve well-being

As is so often the case in life, we can also do a lot to improve an aspect of our health – it only takes a few small changes to sustainably support your digestive system. In order to be sure that your intestinal environment is at its best, there are some essentials when it comes to how you eat. Research has previously shown that a plant-based diet is ideal for our bodies, of course made up of high quality foods, as this ensures that the intestines remain in balance. This involves eating fresh organic vegetables, whole-grain products and nutrient-dense fruits. Foods that are very fatty or sugary as well as animal-based foods in general bring the body out of balance in a lasting and significant way, which in turn hinders the healthy function of the intestines. This can lead to a variety of disorders and illnesses. Even if we neglect our digestive health for some time, nature has provided us with truly amazing bodies that can restore good function from within…with just a little help.

It was shown in a Harvard University study that if one moves away from eating meat and instead opts for a vegetarian or vegan diet, the number of some kinds of good bacteria in the intestinal tract increase within just 24 hours – these bacteria fight inflammation and encourage the body to repair itself. This fact further supports the idea that now is the best time to improve your diet, and in doing so you'll be improving the overall quality of your life. Take the first step today and start eating more vegetables, beans, nuts and fruits. You'll quickly find that such a shift only brings positive change to your life.

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