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Sure-Fire Weight Loss!
(10.08.2020) back
It's relatively easy and quick to eliminate excess fat on your abdomen, legs or backside
Everyone want to eliminate excess fat – whether on your belly, thighs, or bum – and it's easier than you think
Lose weight while you sleep by avoiding food in the evening
Simply stop eating at least 4 hours before bedtime and you'll be burning fat while you sleep

Perhaps you've indulged in one too many get-togethers, or maybe you haven't been paying a lot of attention to eating well. Usually this results in some noticeable changes to your body, for exam your belly, thighs or bum. Of course this can be especially uncomfortable during the summer months. To address this problem, we have a simple method that you can use to rapidly shed that extra weight.

Proper meal timing is crucial

It's generally well known that a balanced and regular daily rhythm is needed to keep the digestive system working well, and a big part of this is how you time your mealtimes. The most common recommendation is eating all of your main meals during the daytime. Some people also snack, whether in the morning or afternoon. Naturally many factors can influence our calorie needs, among them age, work-related physical activity, exercise and gender – the amount of food needed in a day can thus vary greatly among individuals. Nonetheless, the fact is clear that most people simply eat too often and too much.

Excess food intake over that long term can lead to significant weight gain, and the extra body fat accumulates in the "problem zones". The dilemma is furthermore made worse by a diet that includes too many animal-based foods like meat and dairy in the mix, or excessive processed food consumption. It can happen quickly: weight gain spirals out of control. To counteract this harmful slide, we have a suggestion for a simple method you can use to lose weight…and you don't really have to change your everyday habits much to make it work.

Weight loss key: daily downtime

What we need to learn is that the primary reason for people becoming overweight is not only eating the wrong things – the cause is also eating too much and eating at the wrong time of day. With this in mind, there is something we can do to at least address two of these risk factors…and it's easy. For the next two weeks, make a change to your eating schedule. Start the day with a robust breakfast, for example oatmeal with fresh fruit and honey. In the middle of the day, eat a big lunch. Think of this as your main meal of the day, so eat enough to keep you going throughout the afternoon. Quality vegetarian foods are ideal, if that works for you. Between 16 and 17, you should have a clear vegetable soup. After that you can of course drink water or tea, but avoid eating anything else for the rest of the day. By doing this, you give your digestive system a restorative break during the night. You will also notice that by not eating at the end of the day, your quality of sleep will improve as you'll sleep more deeply.
After 12 hours of not eating, your body will also start tapping into your fat reserves for energy. Moreover, cellular regeneration is more rapid and more effective when the body is in such a fasted state. This means that by avoiding your evening meal, you'll both be improving your mood when you step on the scale and you will also look better in general. The quality of your skin overall, in particular your complexion, will take on a fresher appearance. In many cases, people also notice that their hair becomes stronger after eating this way for a while. When you start eating again at breakfast time, your body will have had enough time to regenerate and take care of some internal tidying up. The result is significantly more mental energy and physical power throughout the day.

Source: Dr. Hiromi Shinya, The Rejuvenation Enzyme – Reverse Aging, Revitalize Cells, Restore Vigor, 2012

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