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Discover the Healthy Milk Alternative
(05.04.2021) back
Cow milk is not well tolerated by our bodies
Unfortunately common cow milk lacks the proper nutrient profile for our good health
Almond milk is the best replacement for cow milk
Almond milk is a healthy alternative to normal milk – it is easy to digest and tastes great while providing the body with important nutrients
No kitchen should be without almond milk
You can use almond milk to create a number of taste treats…use your imagination!

The regular consumption of milk and dairy products is essential for the maintenance of healthy bones, or at least that's what we've been told by nutritionist and dietary scientists over the years. Nonetheless, new studies are revealing that there are some clear alternatives that are plant-based and actually better for our bodies as they are easier for us to digest. Today you'll learn about one of these healthier replacements for cow milk.

Milk is necessary for healthy bones…or is it?

As children, many of us were likely told about the importance of drinking milk and consuming various dairy products. The idea was that by doing so, you'd be supporting the growth of bones and at the same time encouraging bone health and keeping your skeleton healthy as you age. On the contrary, recent research has shown that excessive consumption of dairy products actually has the opposite effect. Milk does indeed contain a good amount of calcium, but this specific kind of calcium in cow milk is more difficult for the body to absorb than plant-based sources of calcium.

The nature of milk available in your local market is especially problematic, in that it's almost certainly homogenised milk. The homogenisation process leads to a change in the protein that cow milk contains – this altered protein cannot be properly broken down in the intestinal tract. An overall intolerance to dairy products often results. In addition, studies have shown that in areas where dairy products and animal products are consumed together, the number of people suffering with osteoporosis is markedly higher.

Nature provides an alternative to cow milk

If we truly take these facts into account, then it becomes obvious that looking for a healthy alternative is the right thing to do. Nature actually provides a good solutions without any negative effects: nowadays there are a wealth of dairy-free milk alternatives available. Among the options is almond milk, and it's easy to recommend giving it a try. One of the benefits is the unsaturated fatty acids that it contains as well as calcium, which is so important for healthy bones. If you prefer, you can make your own almond milk in whatever consistency you like. To do this you need almond butter, ideally organic of course, or you can even make the almond butter yourself. We recommend that you buy the lighter coloured almond butter as this is often also better tolerated by those who have an allergy to nuts. Thinning the almond butter is a straightforward process, in that you simply add water in order to achieve the desired consistency.

You can then enjoy your almond drink as it is, or you can also use it as an ingredient to make other tasty drinks. How about a milkshake? Blend chilled almond milk with some fruit to make a dairy-free alternative to normal milkshakes. Almond hot chocolate is another possibility. The only limitation is your imagination. Head to the market and pick up some almond milk or almond butter, then start your delicious experiments in the kitchen! Almond milk is both good for you and naturally sweet.

Sources: German-language interview with Dr. Andres Bircher on Swiss Health Television (subtitles are available): & Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone,  How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, Flatiron Books, 2015

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