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This Discovery Will Change Your Life!
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A person's DNA is not the only determinant of their health, instead what one does to maintain the body is of much greater importance!
Our genes do have an influence on our health, but this impact is greatly exaggerated – people are often wrongly told to simply accept their fate
A vegetarian diet is the way to a long and healthy life
You've heard it so many times before: going with a plant-based diet is the best way for you to improve your health

Eye color, height, skin type: all of these physical characteristics are determined by our genes. Whether you like it or not, this is why we're often told that we resemble our family members in one way or another. Moreover, the fact that certain diseases are genetically inherited goes without saying. Nonetheless such genetic influences are far less important than one might think. Take high blood pressure, for example, or high cholesterol – you need not simply resign yourself to such conditions; instead, you should take responsibility for your health…and enjoy the knowledge that it's in your power to make positive changes!

Genes are not the only determinant of our health

Naturally there are a number of illness that are entirely genetically determined, but fortunately these are rare. All too often one hears that other conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma or allergies are passed down within families. It may indeed be true that such health problems are more common in some families than in others, and it is also possible that some people are born with a greater predisposition for developing specific health conditions. In the end, we are all dealt different cards when it comes to our inborn health tendencies, and we are all unique in terms of physical constitution.

Still, if we keep in mind that each and every body is meant to be healthy and has systems in place for maintaining good health, then it becomes clear that we have the tools to greatly impact our own health. We can prevent the chronic conditions noted above from developing in the first place. Likewise, we need not just accept our lot in life if we do develop such health problems. In fact, by integrating a few simple tips you can do a lot to positively influence the path of your health…and perhaps even resolve some health problems that you consider to be chronic.

Avoid meat and eat more plants – it's that simple

If one takes a closer look at the Western diet of today, it quickly becomes clear that eating as most people do cannot be good for long-term health. The day commonly starts with a sugar and fat bomb in the form of jams, butter, ham, cheese and white bread, perhaps with some sweetened yogurt as well. Then there's lunch, which for many include a good amount of meat and cheese. Finally, depending on where you live, your evening meal might happen quite late in the day…and this mealtime might even seem to be somehow set in stone. The human body is simply not made to process such high amounts of sugar, fat and animal products. Of course an attempt is made to use everything that we take in, but much ends up as metabolic waste.

Early in our lives, our youthful metabolism makes it more or less unnecessary to eat in some specific way to maintain good health – generally, young people remain healthy, regardless what they eat. As time passes and the body is continuously strained by a bad diet, the natural balance can no longer be guaranteed. Sooner or later such conditions as high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol can be the result. If one ignores these warning signs and does nothing, then a heart attack or stroke becomes more likely. We all want to feel good and stay fit and vital as we age – we simply need to do things to make this a reality, and now is the best time to start!

Taking small steps is easy and leads to success

Commonly we think that the solution must be complex and hard to implement, and we don't believe that it's possible that problems can be resolved in a relatively simple way. The way to good health starts with your nutrition, specifically what and when you eat. First, shift your diet away from meat and dairy and start eating more high-quality vegetarian foods. Stop eating white sugar or anything made with white flour. Stop eating fatty fried foods, especially meat, and instead enjoy fresh, organic vegetables from your part of the world when they're in season as well as whole grain products. You can ensure that you're getting enough protein by eating beans, lentils and other legumes.

This should not be thought of as torture, rather it's the best way to provide your body with the nutrition it needs to become more healthy and to stay that way. Even if you are the only one eating like this, for example among your family or circle of friends, stick with it and eat in the way that you know is optimal for your good health. If you combine this mostly vegetarian diet, a good amount of physical activity and the right amount of sleep, you'll truly have your health under your control.

Dr. John McDougall is a US-based physician who focuses on the promotion of good health through proper nutrition.

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