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The First Defense Against Viruses and Bacteria
(01.03.2021) back
Improve your immune defenses in your throat and upper respiratory tract
Strengthen your immune defenses where you first notice an infection: your throat and upper respiratory tract
Frequent use of the fangocur mouthspray help to protect you from viruses and bacteria
By using a mouth spray to fight infection, ideally one with pure and natural ingredients, you improve resistance to infection in your mouth and throat

Nowadays it's more important than ever to make sure that your immune system is in top condition. By incorporating a few simply measures, you can reduce the likelihood that you'll be infected by viruses or bacteria. Strengthen your immune defenses directly where viruses and bacteria enter your body: your mouth and throat.

An infection often begins with a tickling sensation in your throat, or you might even notice that your throat appears red and swollen. These are signs that the immune system is working, and if your immune system is strong enough the virus or bacteria can even be neutralised here in your upper respiratory tract.

If the infection can be stopped here, you'll be preventing a more severe infection – in a short while that sore throat will disappear along with any inflammation or cough that you might be experience. You'll avoid having to deal with worsening symptoms, and you'll likely quickly forget that you had an infection in the first place. On the contrary, if your first line of defense is too weak, viruses and bacteria will have the chance to multiply and make their presence known through additional symptoms like sniffles, headache, neck pain, fatigue and fever.

This is precisely why it's important to strengthen your immune system's first line of defense, in particular during the colder winter months or when you're concerned about catching something from the people around you. This can be done easily through the regular disinfection of your mouth and throat. When choosing a product, keep this in mind: artificial ingredients can actually harm the naturally healthy bacteria present in the mouth and throat. While they may be effective disinfectants, they might also be having long-term negative effects. Be sure to only use natural products.

Here are our recommendations for improving the immune response in your mouth and throat:

  • Use one our our 100% natural mouth sprays several times per day. It contains natural organic alcohol, which provides gentle and effective disinfection. A couple sprays two or three times a day is enough.
  • In the evening, it's best to use our 100% natural mouth wash. Stir a teaspoon of the powdered drink into a glass lukewarm water, rinse it around your mouth for a bit and gargle. Next swallow the drink as this also has a disinfecting effect on the upper respiratory system. A couple minutes is enough and you'll be taking a big step toward effectively fighting viruses and bacteria where they first enter your body.

Improve your resistance to bacteria and viruses in your upper respiratory system, your body's first line of defense against infection. The time investment is small, but it's nonetheless exceptionally effective.

Order our natural products now to help in your fight against viruses and bacteria:

Mouth Spray STRONG


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