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Use the Power of Linseeds
(09.11.2020) back
Linseeds should be on the menu every day!
Linseeds are one of the healthiest foods to be found in any kitchen, and recent research confirms their many health benefits
Linseeds keep you healthy: positive effects you can count on!
Freshly ground linseeds are best, and you can do it yourself – aim for 1 to 2 teaspoons every day to really improve your health
Oatmeal with linseeds is a healthy way to start the day
Sprinkle ground linseed on your breakfast porridge or salad – it's an irreplaceable part of every health diet

Do you have high blood pressure combined with less than ideal triglyceride and cholesterol levels? At the same time, maybe you would like a natural way to protect your prostate or breast tissue from serious health problems? Then we have the answer: put your faith in the positive health effects of linseeds! Why this is the case is the topic of this newsletter.

Age-old healing remedy rediscovered

So small and so effective: even the Greek physician Hippocrates of Kos put his trust in the reliable effectiveness of linseeds when treating many of his patients' ailments. Thanks to modern studies and research methods, the sensibility of his treatment choice has been thoroughly validated in the 21st century. One example of the healthiness of linseeds is their high Omega-3 content – in fact it's the best plant-based source of Omega-3. Regularly eating ground linseeds offers a number of health benefits, and here are just a few:

  • Positively influences cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels
  • Works to lower high blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation, for example of the joints and muscles
  • Tried and tested as effective in addressing irregular bowel movements

Studies confirm the phenomenal health benefits of linseeds

In addition to the above listed conditions, regular consumption of these seeds has also become a proven effective recommendation for specific aspects of our health. One study confirmed that eating three teaspoons of ground linseeds daily has tremendous benefits for those with various prostate conditions, for example in cases of enlargement or the presence of tumours. With time, consistently eating linseeds lead to significant improvements in the condition of patients examined.

These seeds seem to also be effective in some conditions specifically affecting women, for example protecting breast tissue and supporting breast health. In order to confirm the scientific validity of these hypotheses, the National Cancer Institute (US) carried out a study in 2010 with 45 participants. The common factor among the test subjects was an increased risk of developing breast cancer. This was either down to suspicious biopsy results or actually having breast cancer in the past. Naturally as part of the experiment, a control group was also recruited. The 45 women in the first group ate two teaspoons of ground linseeds daily for a year (mixed into their food) while the control group did not. Tissue samples were collected from the subject before and after the study, and what happened was truly astounding: on average there much less precancerous development, and it was found that Ki-67 values fell for 80% of the study participants. Ki-67 is a marker for cell proliferation.

Linseeds work by activating lignans via the intestinal bacteria

One reason for this astounding result is due to the fact that linseeds contain a high amount of lignan precursors, which are activated during digestion by the good bacteria that live in the intestines. Lignans can lessen the effects of the body's own oestrogen and this in turn positively influences one's risk of developing breast cancer. Additionally, wholegrain products, berries, leafy green vegetables have a high lignan content. Regularly consuming these foods along with ground linseeds is a way to maintain good health through eating well.

Everyday healthy eating by adding linseeds to your meals

As we've seen, just two or three teaspoons of ground linseeds every day are enough to enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above. The possible ways to make use of linseeds in the kitchen are many. Sprinkle ground linseeds on your salad, for example, or add it to your morning porridge or breakfast cereal. If you bake bread yourself, you can mix linseeds into the dough. One other way to get your daily linseeds is to soak three teaspoons of the seed powder into 300ml of water in the evening. The next morning, briefly cook the mixture and pour it through a strainer. Sip this drink over the course of the day, and be sure that you're also drinking enough water to keep your metabolism active.


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