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Discover the power of this natural probiotic!
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Lentils in many variations promote intestinal health
Lentils are a beneficial and healthy food that improve the quality of the intestinal flora
Lentils and vegetables keep your lower digestive system healthy
Eating vegetables and lentils is a guaranteed way to keep your blood sugar low and reduce cravings for unhealthy foods

We've already covered the fact that lentils are a wonderful plant-based source of protein. When you eat lentils, your body is efficiently supplied with protein – this is in contrast to the way the body makes use of protein from animal sources. In addition to this positive for our health, these little round legumes provide us with even more healthy benefits. Today we'll be covering two of theses.

This is a simple way to get off that everyday blood sugar roller coaster ride

If you really pay attention to the conversations you hear in your everyday life, you'll find that many people are talking about food cravings that they frequently have. Many of us have even experienced this ourselves – we find that at times, we become so hungry that we grab whatever is on hand. This often means overindulging in sweets or other sugary snacks. One symptom of such overwhelming hunger is physical weakness, another is difficulty concentrating. In many cases, this feeling comes over people in the middle to late afternoon.

Taking a closer look at Western eating habits, this wave of hunger should really come as no surprise. Many people eat at irregular times rather than eating scheduled meals, and moreover it's common that there's simply not enough time in the day for preparing food and sitting down to eat. When we do get a moment to eat, sweet or fatty foods are often on the menu as the perception is that such foods will supply the body with the energy we need to make it through the busy day. Eating like this presents a real challenge when it comes to keeping our blood sugar levels in check…in fact, the systems responsible for this can become overwhelmed.

For this reason, it's becoming more and more clear that maintaining regular mealtimes and a more manageable schedule in general is essential. Making such changes is relatively simple, but they nonetheless represent some significant steps toward better health. One more thing you can do – which is especially applicable to people who struggle with blood sugar issues – is to integrate lentils into your menu, as research has shown that the consumption of lentils has a positive influence on blood sugar. This effect was also detectable several hours after eating the next meal of the day.

Food as medicine – eating well is the natural way to improve your health

The ancient physician Hippocrates of Kos gave his patients the advice that the food we eat is simultaneously medicine for the body. Through the selection of specific foodstuffs, the Greek ideal of reaching the age of 100 can also be a modern reality. By eating the right foods, physical complaints can be alleviated…and moreover health problems can even be prevented. Today we know that the majority of immune cells are located in the intestinal tract, which of course has some significant implications for our overall health. This means that maintaining balance in the flora of the lower digestive system is especially important. This is one more health benefit that lentils provide as they contain probiotics, so they are a reliable way to support the everyday health of your gut flora for the long term.

Eating locally grown foods is fundamental – you can grow lentils at home

Keeping in mind the need for being more environmentally friendly when it comes to our behaviour, one way to accomplish this is by selecting high quality foods that are grown in our own region. This puts less strain on the environment as the need for transportation is lessened, and at the same time the local infrastructure as well as the local economy are supported. A step even further in this direction is of course growing our own food.

For lentils this is more than possible – it's even highly recommended. Sometime you might even grow these small legume sprouts for yourself. A lot of space isn't needed: a windowsill is enough place, and the sprouts you grow will taste outstanding. You can enjoy this versatile foods in so many ways, and in the same way as Hippocrates of Kos, you can benefit from the positive feeling that you're also doing something good for your health.

Sources: Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone,  How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, Flatiron Books, 2015

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