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Is fish truly good for you?
(28.12.2020) back
Fish is supposed to be healthy and it also tastes good, but is it really healthy?
In Western culture a delicious meal that contains fish is considered healthy, though most only look at the advantages and ignore the disadvantages
Fish is in no way good for the heart
One often hears about the health benefits of eating fish du to the omega-3 fats it contains, but the unhealthy aspects are seldom discussed: harmful animal protein, high fat content, and environmental toxins

This is a food that you should be eating twice per week – that's the official recommendation. Generally this is due to the high amount of omega-3 that it contains. The food we're covering today is of course fish. How healthy is our scaly friend from the lake or sea? Are there other ways that you can get the omega-3 your body needs, maybe even from plant-based foods?

The advantages and disadvantages of eating fish

A sea of variety in colours and smells. Add to that all of the chatter coming from the people selling fish as well as their customers. That's what you'll see, hear and smell when you visit a fish market – it's quite an experience. Likewise, the number creative of ways that you can prepare fish at home, whether fresh-water or salt-water fish, can almost be overwhelming. Your only limitation is your own creativity.

Many nutrition experts and physicians are only too happy to recommend eating fish on a regular basis. One big reason for this is the omega-3 that fish contains. This fatty acid is beneficial for the circulatory system, and relatedly it can lower the risk of developing heart disease or other circulatory conditions. Nonetheless, one should keep in mind that fish consists primarily of protein and fat. Naturally, the protein found in fish is animal-based protein, which is in fact not ideal for our bodies. Consuming too much animal-based protein can in fact lead to a number of health problems, for example high cholesterol and poor bone health as well as increased strain on the kidneys and liver.

Unfortunately salt water fish can also contain high levels of environmental toxins, chief among them mercury. If one takes in too much mercury, there is an increased risk of heart attack and it can even lead to the development of neurological problems.

The path to vitality and health without eating fish

Fish contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acid, which actually is essential for the human body. This fact has been thoroughly proven. At the same time, we're also learning that consuming protein from animal sources can involve a number of significant disadvantages when it comes to our health. This begs the question: are there plant-based sources of this necessary fatty acid that we can use to ensure that we're getting enough omega-3?

Take for example linseeds – they're relatively high in omega-3 fatty acid. If you eat a tablespoon of ground linseeds every day, you're covered. Other good sources are beans as well as soybeans, and these foods are of course easy enough to incorporate into your daily menu. Spinach in one more possibility, and it moreover contains a lot more vitamins and minerals than fish.

It's clear enough that it's possible to eat in a healthy way, even if you choose to avoid eating fish. Shifting to more high-quality, plant-based foods is an especially good idea for those who suffer with chronic health conditions. It's truly remarkable how well the body can recover when one stops eating animal-based food, providing motivation to continue. Give it a try and you too will notice how much better you feel!

Source: Dr. Thomas Campbell, The simple way to lose weight and reverse illness, using a whole-food, plant-based diet: The China Study Solution. Rodale Publishing House, Emmaus (Pennsylvania), 2015.

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