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Detox for more energy!
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Maintain vitality and physical fitness by regularly normalising body pH
Maintaining proper body pH can help you to remain youthful and physically fit as you age
Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables regularly
A basic diet is made up primarily of plant-based foods

Headache, lingering fatigue and joint complaints – many people suffer with such symptoms without any concrete medical explanation. It's all the more difficult to pin down a cause as these complaints often only happen from time to time. In many cases, the reason is down to the body being too acidic. Today you'll find out how you can overcome this problem.

What happens when the body is too acidic?

When you hear about excessive acidity in the body, then the diagnosis first and foremost refers to the acidity of the blood. Normal blood pH values are between 7.35 and 7.4. If the pH value of the blood is below this value then the blood is excessively acidic, and this condition is known as "acidosis". In contrast, if the pH value is excessively high then the blood is considered to be alkaline and this medical condition is known is "alkalosis". The body does everything possible to keep blood pH between 7.35 and 7.4. Should the buffer capacity of the blood be exceeded, then some of the excess acidity is shifted to the connective tissue. The cells of the connective tissue are more robust than blood cells so they are less likely to be damaged by the acidity. The excess acid is stored here until it can be eliminated by the kidneys, although the lungs are second in line for this purpose. So it is primarily the work of these two organs – the kidneys and the lungs – that is responsible for eliminating excessive body acidity as quickly as possible.

How can the body become too acidic?

The reasons for excessive body acidity can be many. These are the most common factors involved:

  • Eating low quality food, e.g. industrially produced food, excessive fat and sugar
  • Not getting enough physical activity
  • Regular intake of alcohol or nicotine
  • Not sleeping enough, or sleeping poorly
  • Living with long-term stress

What if you're body is already too acidic?

If you believe that you suffer with excess acidity, or maybe it's even been confirmed via a saliva test, you can address the problem in a natural way without a lot of difficulty. The primary way to accomplish this is via detoxification. By doing so, you'll be eliminating the excess acidity from your body. Healing clay is ideal for this as it has the capacity to bind to other substances and it's also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Our healing clay product is called Bentomed, and it contain a well-balanced mix of healing clay, barley grass and herbs (fennel, aniseed and mint).

How does Bentomed counter excess acidity?

Our healing clay contains a wealth of enzymes. These work to detoxify the body and they're important for normal digestive function. Enzymes also play a role in blood clotting and respiration, help vitamins to be effective and assist in the healing of inflammation and wounds. Some of the enzymes in healing clay are able to bind to oxygen and at the same time cleanse the blood. Naturally, blood oxygenation is important. The tiny particles of fango healing clay are negatively charged when it is mixed with water, so it attracts positively charged particles. As most of the toxins in the body are positively charged, they are picked up by the healing clay. In this way, toxic substances are absorbed, neutralised and eliminated from the body.

Using Bentomed is an effective way to help your body to eliminate excessive acidity. Short-term therapeutic use lasting just 3 weeks will thoroughly cleanse and detoxify your body and at the same time encourage proper acid-base balance.

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