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Freedom from joint pain!
(07.02.2022) back
Movement out of doors is good for body and mind alike, but joint pain can put a stop to the fun
Outdoor physical activity is a real pleasure: taking in the fresh air and enjoying purposeful movement – don't let joint pain stop you
Be rid of unpleasant joint pain and enjoy physical activity again with the help of ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules
ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules promote joint regeneration 100% naturally – it's the effective way to address joint pain

Do you remember when physical activity was more fun? Maybe you used to enjoy jogging or heading to the countryside for a long bicycle ride? There's likely one all too common factor getting in the way: joint pain. Regardless whether you suffer with a more chronic condition or you have discomfort that tends to come and go, the result is the same: Your everyday life is somehow limited. It doesn't have to be this way – now is the time to rid yourself of this unwanted life companion and regain your mobility!

A common complaint with unpleasant results

The joints consist of bone with a cartilage covering. With a lot of use, the bone can wear on the cartilage, which can lead to arthritis or bone spurs. The friction can of course cause painful inflammation. Nowadays even many younger people are suffering with excessive joint wear, and along with it pain and limited mobility. As you know, when you have joint pain you change how you move to avoid making the pain worse, and this less than optimal way of moving can in turn lead to increased strain on other joints. Changing functionality in parts of the skeleton naturally impacts the rest of the body, and joint problems can also negatively influence the spine and spinal discs.

Timely action is the key to resolving the problem

In most cases, the go-to solution for more serious cases is some kind of joint surgery. To be sure, any kind of surgical intervention includes a certain amount of risk. To avoid the need for a medical procedure, it's best to take action in a timely way. If you notice worsening joint pain or you're losing mobility, you can make use of preventative measures like regular physical activity including strength training that's easy on your joints. You can also support joint health by eating a mostly plant-based diet, aiming to include the highest quality foods possible. This is the path to good joint and disc health.

Naturally restore cartilage with ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules

As long as the cartilage in the joint is still intact, the body can work to restore its health. That being the case, the body can only initiate such regeneration processes if the necessary building blocks are available. For cartilage to be rebuilt, the body primarily needs chondroitin and glucosamine. With the goal of the elimination of joint pain, or at the very least greatly reducing the amount of pain people experience, an Austrian sports physician and orthopaedist named Dr. Eduard Lanz developed an effective solution. It's called ArthroDisc, and it's already being used by people all over Europe to help restore optimal joint mobility. ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules contain what your body needs to restore healthy cartilage. It's an effective way to address conditions related to dysfunctional joints and discs:

  • Cartilage damage or joint wear
  • Joint pain (e.g. hip, knee, shoulder, etc.)
  • Back pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Disc problems
  • Worn or damaged meniscus
  • Arthritis or joint inflammation
  • Sports injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Stressful work or exercise

The best way to use ArthroDisc depends on your specific needs

Intensive: If you have joint or disc problems, the first step is improving the metabolism of the cartilage cells and topping up your reserves of chondroitin and glucosamine. This calls for using ArtrhoDisc in a more intensive way in order to support the body and lay the foundation for pain-free physical health.
Dosage: 2 "Arthro" caps in the morning and 2 "Disc" caps in the evening
Duration: every day for 2 months
You'll need 240 capsules (i.e. 2 boxes)
Order the reduced-price double pack here

Refresher: To keep your joints healthy, you should follow up with a refresher treatment one month after you complete the instructions outlined above. It's a good way to protect your joints and remain mobile for the long term.
: 1 "Arthro" caps in the morning and 1 "Disc" caps in the evening
: every day for 2 months
You'll need one box, so 120 capsules in total

Order a single box of ArthroDisc here

Prevention: After doing the refresher, consider using ArthroDisc as a preventative twice per year, even if you're currently free of symptoms. In addition, using ArthroDisc is recommended if your job or fitness suddenly becomes more physically challenging. This can help to prevent related aches and pains.
: 1 "Arthro" caps in the morning and 1 "Disc" caps in the evening
: every day for 2 months
You'll need one box, so 120 capsules in total

Order a single box of ArthroDisc here

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