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These Foods Promote a Beautiful Complexion
(28.03.2022) back
A quality, plant-based diet provides you with a healthy complexion
Eating the right foods for good health supports a naturally beautiful complexion
Sweet potatoes and carrots bring a naturally beautiful tint to the skin
Foods that contain a lot of beta carotene encourage a healthy glow – carrots and sweet potatoes are obvious choices

Freshness, health and vitality are probably attributes that we would all like to show the world. There are of course a number of factors that are important when it comes to your appearance. A good example is regularly spending some time in the sunshine, likewise including a good amount of physical activity in your weekly routine. In addition, paying attention to what you eat also has a big influence as what we eat also affects the quality of our skin. Today you'll be learning about what foods promote a naturally healthy and beautiful complexion.

It's about quality – some foods are good for you, and some are not

If we consider how diet impacts the skin's appearance, first and foremost among all the possible variables is the quality of the food used in the preparation of our meals. Good quality means more nutritious, so we're more likely to be getting the vitamins and other nutrients that the body needs to stay strong and healthy. For this reason aim for organically grown produce – ideally fruits and vegetables from your region that are in season. Foods that have travelled hundreds or even thousands of kilometres to reach your shopping basket have usually been harvested before ripening…it may even be that case that the conditions under which such plants are grown and harvested is impossible to know. One can assume the worst.

The more natural, fresh and untreated the ingredients we use in the kitchen, the greater their positive health effects. Our bodies can more easily utilise all of the good thing they contain, and the strain of having to process heavy metals and pesticides is avoided. Relatedly, this means that simply paying more attention to the quality of the foods you use for cooking will go a long way to improving all aspects of your health, and that naturally includes the health of your skin. Shopping in this way offers another benefit: You'll be supporting local farmers and small local businesses, and that's helpful in maintaining the sustainability of smaller communities. If you don't already know of such a shopping opportunity, take the time to find a local organic market in your area…or maybe even a weekly farmer's market. Shopping in this way might require a little more time, but it will pay off in the end if you do it regularly. 

Green, yellow and red – little helpers for a naturally healthy complexion

Eating green, leafy vegetables is just as effective at creating a glowing complexion as reaching for something from the fruit bowl – apples and pears are recommended in particular. The healthy tint of your skin can be enhanced with the consumption of plants that contain beta carotene. Carrots are of course the first thing that springs to mind, but remember that sweet potatoes also have the effect of creating a golden glow. Another way to support your healthy complexion is by eating tomatoes as they contain lycopene. It seems very clear that eating a lot of fruits and vegetable is the way to go if you'd like to improve the quality of your skin, but there's one more reason to consider. Motivating research conducted by scientists in Japan has shown that the daily consumption of quality vegetables actually slows the development of wrinkles. Isn't it wonderful how uncomplicated it is for us to improve our health and at the same time be able to improve our appearance?

Encouraging healthy skin by selecting high quality skincare products

The first and most likely most important step on the way to a beautiful complexion is clearly eating healthy, ideally including a wealth of wholesome fruits and vegetables. Once you've incorporated this habit into your life, the next step in supporting your healthy skin is the use of top quality, organic foods and beverages. The use of foods to promote health dates back to the Romans. Emperor Augustus supposedly asks a centenarian at a banquet he was attending about the recipe for reaching such a ripe old age. "Mulsum on the inside, olive oil on the outside" was his reply, and there really could be some truth to his advice. Mulsum is the Roman variant of honey wine – a combination of white wine, honey, pepper and other spices. The drink was an intended to stimulate the appetite and encourage good digestion, and it was also rumoured to have life-prolonging effects. At first the taste may seem a bit strange, though it certainly doesn't taste bad. It was traditionally enjoyed by the Romans as an aperitif before meals. Maybe that's also something that you'd like to try out before one of your next evening meals?

If we follow the advice of our 100 year old Roman, we ought to also be using olive oil as a skincare product. The fact that olive oil is excellent for your skin is something that we're well aware of at fangocur. This is precisely why we selected it as one of the main ingredients in our AloeVera Mineral Soap. In addition to olive oil, this special soap naturally also contains our very own pure volcanic healing clay, natural aloe vera and organically produced coconut oil as well a blend of hypo-allergenic, naturally pure essential oils. Your skin will be cleaned down to the pores, and it also quickly addresses any skin irritation or inflammation that you might be experiencing. Moreover, due to the olive and coconut oil that this soap contains, many people find that they no longer need to use skin cream. The soap can provide just the right amount of moisturising.

Heathy skin care can be so easy – order the AloeVera Mineral Soap here

Source: Dr. Michael Greger and Gene Stone,  How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, Flatiron Books, 2015


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