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Fruit Juice: Keep these things in mind!
(07.06.2021) back
Industrially produced juices and lemonades often tend to be unhealthy
Unfortunately many kinds of lemonade, soft drinks and fruit juice contain sugar, artificial aromas and preservatives
Holler Vulkan from fangocur tastes amazing and supports good health
Only organic top-quality elderberries are used to make Holler Vulkan from fangocur – it's healthy and tastes great!

They're available in almost any flavour you can imagine, and they grow in popularity as we enter the warmer summer months. Fruit juices are enjoyed by young and old alike, but are they really healthy? Should people be drinking them on a daily basis? Today we'll be giving you all the answers!

Juices are a welcome source of refreshment anytime

If you really pay attention when walking through you're local market, you'll likely be amazed by the variety of juices and fruit-flavoured drinks on offer. Almost every kind of fruit can be found, and moreover your selection is not limited based on the time of year. Fruit drinks become all the more popular during the summer months, and many people reach for such refreshing drinks on a daily basis. Of course, juice drinks are especially popular among children as they're available in almost any flavour…and all of them are sweet. This is where the fundamental problems lies, and next you'll read about what you should be aware of.

Many of the juices available at the shop, including juice concentrates and fruit-flavoured drinks, are much too sweet. They send our blood sugar skyrocketing, and the calories they provide can be labelled "empty calories". In addition, they often contain a number of artificial ingredients like aromas, sweeteners and preservatives. Consumed on a regular basis, these additives are simply not good for our health. On top of that, some of these sweet drinks are also caffeine bombs that are less than ideal for one's health, and this is even more true for young people. So is there a way to enjoy the benefits of fruits and vegetables in juice form? Is it possible that there's a healthy drink that also tastes good?

The making of healthy juices: quality ingredients and careful production

One of the most important basic factors when making good food choices is the raw materials used in their production. All fruits used in the making of fruit juices should be grown organically, be high in quality, and be handled with care through all stages of processing. This is how to ensure that the highest possible amount of important nutrients find their way to our drinking glasses. Additionally, it's crucial that the production is carried out in an entirely natural way, without the addition of sugar, artificial aromas or preservatives. When you've ticked all the boxes and make a truly top quality product, you'll likely end up with a great tasting drink. Natural juices contain the fructose from the fruit that they contain, so they should not be your go-to drink – instead, fruit juices should be a special treat. When you're deciding what kind of juice you'd like to enjoy, it's best to chose a fruit with the most healthy benefits. In that way you get twice the goodness: it not only tastes good, it also supports your good health.

A classic fruit used for juices is lemons. For example, a glass of warm lemon water gently detoxifies and cleanses the body from within. This is an ideal way to start your day. Keep in mind that the temperature is also important when it comes to how well your body can make use of the drink. Remember that you should never have a drink that's too cold…even on a hot summer day! Cold drinks put a strain on the stomach, and the body has to use energy to warm the fluid to body temperature – this results in the feeling that your body temperature is on the rise instead of cooling off. Ideally you should only be enjoying drinks that are minimally room temperature. When one considers the people in northern Africa who also drink warm tea on hot summer days, the effect of drink temperature becomes more clear. Mint tea is especially popular there as the temperature presents a challenge for the body, and the mint tea actually cools the body from the inside. The same is true for sage tea, which also has anti-viral effects.

Source: Dr. Petra Bracht and Prof. Claus Leitzmann: Klartext Ernährung. Die Antwort auf alle wichtigen Fragen. Wie Lebensmittel vorbeugen und heilen. Mosaik Verlag, Munich. 2020 (only available in German)

When juices meet the criteria we covered above, it doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice good taste. Just the opposite is true: here's a juice with the best of organic ingredients that are prepared with care in a 100% natural way. It's our Holler Vulkan. When you drink the right amount of Holler Vulkan, the amazing positive effects of elderberries go a long way to improving your health in a unique way: free radicals are taken up and the immune system is reinforced through the phytochemicals contained. Consider drinking Holler Vulkan for thirty days in a row – it's delicious, and you'll take a big step toward improving your health at the same time.

Discover a healthy juice that tastes amazing…give our organic Holler Vulkan elderberry drink a try!

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