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Just Two Minutes for Healthier Digestion
(28.06.2021) back
In the morning while you are laying in bed is the recommended time for a belly massage
It's easy to do abdominal massage in the morning while you're still in bed
Do-it-yourself abdominal massage
Abdominal massage need not be performed by a trained professional – you can enjoy giving yourself such a massage every day
Belly massage is especially helpful for health complaints like bloating or constipation
If you're having stomach issues or other digestive system problems, giving yourself an abdominal massage can work wonders

Abdominal massage requires little time and it's extremely effective. Only requiring a few minutes every day, for example in the morning, this simple trick leads to better overall digestion. Today we'll be sharing how to best do this kind of massage as well as telling you about it's effects on your intestinal tract.

It is so easy and so effective! Abdominal massage has so many positive effects, and it only requires a few minutes. This is a simple thing that you can do to improve your health, and it's moreover been proven to work in scientific studies. Results even show that the benefits go beyond the stomach and lower digestive tract – abdominal massage is actually useful when it comes to overall wellness.

The effects of abdominal massage are impressive, and it takes only minutes

These are some of the effects that you can expect from an abdominal massage that you do yourself:

  • Increases circulation in the abdomen, which equates to better transport of nutrients and oxygen to the digestive organs
  • Effectively relaxes the musculature surrounding the intestines, which helps to relieve bloating due to gas
  • Improves the muscle function of the intestines, i.e. peristalsis, regulating digestion and fighting constipation
  • Eliminates muscle tension in general, providing a comforting feeling of warmth
  • Makes the posture better and lessens back pain
  • Can reduce the discomfort of haemorrhoids
  • For women, abdominal massage can ease period-related complaints

So easy to do – you'll feel what's right

It's very simple to give yourself an abdominal massage, and only a few minutes are required. The best time is in the morning right after you get out of bed, though you can also do it while you're still laying down. By performing this kind of massage, you'll be stimulating your digestive system metabolism and activating your body in general. It's ideal to combine your massage with a series of gentle movement exercises – we covered some examples in a previous newsletter – as this increases the effect! If you don't have time in the morning, another possibility is in the evening just before bedtime.

Place one hand over the other on your belly and slowly begin tracing a circle in a clockwise direction. Try out larger and smaller circles and change your hand position until you find what works best for you. You can also experiment with the pressure used. If you pay attention to what you're doing and how it makes you feel, then there's really no wrong way to do it. Continue making circles around your navel, changing up the pressure as you see fit. A few minutes is enough, and remember to breath deeply in rhythm with your hand movements.

Simple and often undervalued: Abdominal massage is for everyday

Giving yourself an abdominal massage is so easy that some people fail to take it seriously. Many can't believe that it has any effect. This is a true shame, as those who carry out such self-care regularly can lessen stomach problems and other digestive complaints on their own…or even eliminate them completely.

TIP: Add Bentomed to your regular routine to increase the effectiveness of your abdominal massages.

Source: Dr. Hiromi Shinya, Living without Disease


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