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Three Important Tips for Joint and Disc Health
(18.07.2022) back
Do some stretching exercises every day in the morning and evening for your joints and intervertebral discs
Gentle movements on a daily basis improve joint mobility and disc health
ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules keep you flexible for the long term
The renowned physician Dr. Eduard Lanz developed a nutritional supplement called ArthroDisc to encourage joint and disc health
ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules have been developed by Dr. Eduard Lanz
ArthroDisc capsules contain only natural nutrients

We're all striving to stay fit and maintain vitality as we age, but unfortunately, few people fully succeed in this quest. It's only after we notice decreased mobility that we start to realize that aspects of health like flexibility are essential to living a quality life. Take action now! It's easy to do if you follow the three tips that we're presenting today.

Let's lay it all out from the very start: There are only three things that you have to pay attention to in order to maintain your mobility as you age. Moreover, if you're already suffering with limitations, these same three things will help to restore your mobility.

The big three for joint and spinal disc health

We've already mentioned it in previous newsletters: Aim to improve your diet overall, and the best way to do this is to include more plant-based foods. Animal-based foods like meat, fish and dairy products should only be eaten occasionally. Make sure that your diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables as these keep your body working well – of course, the more natural the better. Drink a good amount of water, and avoid fatty foods and sweets in general.

Physical activity:
Include some physical activity in your everyday life. Spend 10 minutes in the morning gently moving every joint. Pay attention to how you feel, and remember that pain is a sign that you should ease up. Try to take every joint through its full range of motion, without overdoing it. You can stay fit without pushing your body to its limits, both when doing exercises on your own and participating in your favourite sport.

Joint and disc supplements:
This one is not for all the time, rather it's something to do two or three times per year. It is certainly a good idea to take a supplement that's specifically made to improve joint and disc health. In fact, this method has been proven effective in a number of studies. Orthopaedist and sports physician, Dr. Eduard Lanz, has spent years researching and developing a unique combination of nutrients to promote joint and spinal disc health. Over the years, the joint and disc capsules from Dr. Lanz have become a real favourite among all of our customers.

Make a plan for joint and disc health:

  • Upgrade your nutrition for at least 30 days, just to see how good you can feel. Eat healthy by following the recommendations outlined above (emphasis on plant-based foods).
  • Include some physical activity in your morning and evening routine, ideally gently taking all of your joints through the full range of motion. Don't forget to include some spinal movements like easy bending and slow stretching – try to include each and every spinal joint.
  • Order a package of ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules now and start a short-term treatment ASAP. In this way, you'll be topping up the nutrients your body needs for joint health: Order here!

Source: Dr. John McDougall, How to prevent and treat degenerative arthritis, Dr. McDougall Newsletter


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