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Have you heard of oxymel?
(29.08.2022) back
Vinegar is one of oxymel's main ingredients
Vinegar is one of two ingredients in oxymel, a drink that's been used for centuries
Honey complements the effects of vinegar thanks to its valuable characteristics
The honey and vinegar you choose should ideally be organically produced and come from your region

Today we'll be introducing you to a natural tonic that boosts your immune system, detoxifies your body and fights fever. This healthy drink is known as "oxymel". It's easy to make, and it's been in use since the days of Hippocrates.

A healthy drink with a rich history

As far back as ancient times, and also during the middle ages, oxymel was in common use and moreover treasured for it's effects on the human body. This drink is made from vinegar and honey, a combination with a multitude of health benefits, among them better immune system function and full-body detoxification. For these reasons it's an especially good idea to consider enjoying this drink during the autumn months.

Even if you've already caught the flu or another illness, you can still start using oxymel as part of your treatment. It helps to reduce fever and lessen inflammation in general, which can in turn speed up the recovery process. Relatedly, people have  experienced benefits when using oxymel for systemic inflammatory conditions, including osteoarthritis. This drink combination should also get the attention of athletes as it is an isotonic drink, so it helps with recuperation and promotes relaxation after physical activity. Actually, anyone who suffers with muscle cramping can put oxymel to use. If you like, you can also mix herbs into the basic two-ingredient combination – possibilities include dandelion or nettle (for detoxification), buckhorn (for the respiratory tract) or yarrow (for muscle cramps).

How do I make oxymel?

First off, you'll need some vinegar and honey. Keep in mind that, if possible, it's best to use organic products that are produced locally. Mix the vinegar and honey together in a ratio of 1 to 3, i.e. 1 part vinegar and 3 parts honey. If you would like to mix in some herbs for a more unique taste, grind them up beforehand. Be sure to use herbs that are dried well to avoid any mould formation. Put the herbs in a glass container that is airtight, then add the honey-vinegar mixture and stir everything together. Close the container and let the drink stand for a month – it's important to find a cool and dark place for this. After the infusion time, strain the mixture well and fill up one or more bottles of your choice.

How do I use oxymel?

It's ideal to use oxymel over a two-week timespan. For adults, a dosage of 2-3 teaspoons of the mixture is recommended. Add the oxymel to a glass of lukewarm water (250ml) and enjoy the drink approximately 30 minutes before lunchtime. For children, 1-2 teaspoons and the same amount of water, so about half a pint, is recommended.

Sources for oxymel indications:
The Saint Charles Pharmacy in Austria (website in English)

We hope that you enjoy trying this out, and we'd also like to wish you a great week!

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