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A Heart Health How-To
(12.09.2022) back
Just a few steps included in everyday life support the health of our hearts
We can support our own heart health in numerous ways
Regular physical activity is very important when it comes to heart health
Physical activity out of doors is crucial for good heart health

Heart problems are a very prevalent phenomenon in the world of today. Such conditions reduce the quality of life of those affected, sometimes to extremes, keeping medical professional busy as they seek to address cardiac illness in all its forms. Unfortunately in some cases, heart disease can even lead to premature death. That said, there is so much that we can do ourselves to keep our hearts and circulatory systems working well! Today you'll be learning just how simple it can be to maintain cardiovascular health.

The nature of good heart health

As noted above, cardiac illness can occur in a variety of forms, and likewise the related symptoms can vary greatly from person to person. If a heart condition is not due to an anatomical defect, in many cases the problem is the long-term accumulation of deposits on the lining of the blood vessels. Sooner or later, this can progress and result in serious health conditions, for example heart attack or stroke. Keep in mind that it does not have to come to this: by taking a few steps that are easy to implement, you can keep your heart working well…and even improve heart health!

Small steps offer big benefits

Integrate sufficient physical activity into your everyday life – long walks, jogging or bicycle rides are some excellent options. Moreover, you can make small changes like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator or you could take care of your errands on foot whenever possible. There's even a figure of speech for this idea: Every step counts.

When it comes to nutrition, avoiding animal-based protein sources can be very beneficial. In truth, regularly consuming animal protein can actually accelerate the accumulation of deposits within the blood vessels, which is of course not conducive to good heart health. One of the keys to cardiac health is the amino acid L-arginine – it leads to the production of nitric oxide by the lining of the blood vessels. This in turn causes the vessels to relax while limiting the accumulation of deposits in the arteries and veins…it even supports the breaking down of deposits in the vessels. An especially high concentration of L-arginine can be found in foods like pumpkin and pine nuts as well as rocket salad, radishes, horseradish and red beets. Linseeds and oats also help our bodies to support heart health. This is why you should try to regularly incorporate these foods into your daily meal plan, and at the same time avoid ready-made and industrially produced foods. The ingredients you choose ought to ideally be organic, in season and grown in your part of the world. This is the way to create a foundation of healthy and nutritious eating that will keep our bodies in good shape.

Moreover, be sure to take the time for sufficient rest and relaxation. Limit the amount of stress in your life in proactive ways where you can. Finally, try to find time every day for activities that you enjoy…simply do more of what makes you happy.

If we put these guidelines to use in everyday life, we'll already be moving toward better heart health and at the same time markedly increasing our quality of life. It is also recommended to detoxify the body from time to time, i.e. to cleanse the body from within. The main ingredient in Bentomed is our very own volcanic healing clay known as Gossendorf fango. This healing clay is ideal for detoxification – it's absorbent, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, and in addition it contains many trace elements and minerals. The effectiveness of Bentomed is further enhanced by the barley grass, fennel, aniseed and mint it contains. For general detoxing, use Bentomed mornings and evenings for three weeks.

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Source: Dr. Petra Bracht and Dr. Claus Leitzmann, Plain Talk About Nutrition. Answers to the Important Questions – How foods prevent illness and keep us healthy, Mosaik Publishing, Munich, 2020. This title is only available in German.

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