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Connecting Body, Mind and Soul
(22.11.2021) back
The balance between body, mind and spirit is very important to our health
Psychoneuroimmunology deals with the connections between the brain, the psyche and the immune system
Spending time with others is a source of joy, and it also strengthens our immune system
Social harmony and good relationships have a very positive influence on our health

The fact is that the body influences the mind…and the mind influences the body – it's likely true that this observation has been made by many over the course of human history. In recent years, a branch of research has even been established to look specifically at this integrative field. Scientists refer to this connection as psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI for short. Today you'll find out all about the foundations of this novel area of research.

A profound insight from the past that merits thorough consideration

We all probably have experience with the phenomenon that we're looking at today. Our everyday lives include time at work, time with family, and time spent alone. All put demands on us, resulting in an overflowing schedule for many. If this is the case for you then you likely have little time available for physical activity and other hobbies. Add to that unpleasant, cold winter weather and you have the perfect recipe for ill health.

Our body reacts to what happens in our surroundings, and it becomes clear when the pace of life is a bit too fast for our own good. We notice that it's time to put on the brakes, and we might even develop some physical symptoms. This ideally prompts us to pay more attention to the signals our bodies are sending and schedule more downtime.

We can also look at such times in our lives from a psychoneuroimmunological (aka PNI) perspective. This scientific field is focused on the interactions between the mind, the psyche and the immune system. It's about the whole person. It brings to light the ways in which the events we experience in the world around us affect our physical health. Moreover, our social lives and our feelings can also have a direct impact on our well-being.

Psychoneuroimmunology naturally also presents some general guidelines in terms of time off, fitness activities and healthy eating. PNI also adds our social life to this list of life aspects: It is only when our relationships are balanced and going well, including family and friends alike, that the other thing we do to improve health can take full effect. If we attend to other aspects of life and ignore negativity in our social worlds, our physical health can decline over the long term even though we're working out and eating the right foods. Possible signs of imbalance can vary greatly from person to person. Some people develop skin conditions, some have digestive complaints affecting the stomach or intestinal tract, and some feel restless…even to the extent that sleep quality falls.

When such physical issues arise, psychoneuroimmunology is about more than the treatment of symptoms in a mechanical way, similarly to the way one might repair a machine. Deeper questions are asked: WHY are these symptoms occurring, and WHAT could be the mental or emotional relationship to any physical complaints. Relatedly, it sheds light on whether our experiences in the world around us might be leading to real problems with our physical health. Of course it's not always true that social conflict is behind every symptom, though if negativity in our relationships is present then that part of life has to be looked at too, aside from treating physical symptoms. First and foremost, balance in the whole system has to be restored. In this way, natural somatic functioning is supported in bringing the body into balance every time we encounter a challenge – be it mental, emotional or physical.

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Source: Christian Schubert, PhD, and Madeleine Amberger: Was uns krank macht, was uns heilt. Aufbruch in eine neue Medizin. Das Zusammenspiel von Körper, Geist und Seele besser verstehen (German language only). Fischer and Gann publishing, Munderfing, 2016.

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